This may have been posted before here but I have recently mentioned it to several people who didn't know it, so I am posting the link:


Click on the Everlypedia link in the middle of the main page. It will take you to a massive pdf file dealing with anything and everything about The Everly Brothers. This is a large document so it takes a while to open up on your computer/device. But it's worth it. It's great reading.
It's good to be able to load it all up at the same time; quite lengthy so it takes a little while. But I have learned to use Everlypedia in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. It's faster to load but you will have remember (or write it down somewhere) where in the alphabet the parts start and end.
I prefer it all in one spot. So, I am patient and wait.

I think Everlypedia gets a bad rap. I still refer to it.
Once you've downloaded it the first time, you don't have to download it again; just look it up in your "downloads" folder and open it up as you would any other file. (It takes a little longer since its a PDF file, but much faster than downloading it all over again.) Or better still, once you've downloaded it, save it wherever you want (I've got a huge EBs file where I keep all my stuff in one nice place).

I think the job that Robin Dunn & Chrissie van Varik have done is really extraordinary and that we should all be thankful! They state sources for their facts and whenever they're not sure, they clearly say so, instead of making up stuff the way some other people do.

The problem is that it's all in PDF format (they started it a long time ago), so you have to scroll down and deal with all the different colored typography they use to differentiate data. This is the reason I've suggested somewhere else in this forum that all of us fans help migrate the information to a data base format where it all can be much better organized and accessed. I'll be posting some info on data bases so you all get the idea.

Ricardo A-Priori
That is what I do, Ricardo. But because it is a very lengthy PDF file, it takes a minute or two to open, for me anyway. It needs tech updating, I agree.
Imagine having all the information we have amassed in this forum (or the whole of Everlypedia!) organized, not only by threads, but on a data base with records on topics, albums, concerts, songs, musicians, dates, images, videos... you name it, without having to do it but once! And then being able to access them directly by looking them up as such! Please check out these links and say what you think:



We could design a "form" to be filled out whenever uploading new info that would automatically store the data in an organized way. If you're still interested:



Still got some more links, if you're still interested...

Ricardo A-Priori
Is there something going on with Everlypedia other than my not being able to access it because of my browser? I found one part on a Bill Hillman link but none of the others. I prefer the parts, but, at this point, I will take anything!

It was performing fine for me until about a month ago. Perhaps with an update that might have been made to it in August 2017 (I believe it was August). I am very disappointed that I have not been able to use it. It was a very good reference to use for things "Everly."
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No problem here in Mexico. Both of the usual links are working fine:



Could it be the "parts" ones that aren't working for you?

I usually download the latest version so I don't have to go online every time I need it.

Ricardo A-Priori
No, I think I probably have a browser problem. I found the entire Everlypedia but I was unable to get past the first page. Then I found Parts 2 and 3 in totally unrelated links. I can open them. They are better than nothing but I still have not located Parts 1 and 4. I have had some other issues that make me think I have browser problems. It all started with a Windows 10 update. It downloaded a lot of my applications and put them in a separate folder on my desktop. It thought I might not want some of those applications I guess. Sometimes you cannot outwit computers. Mary did not seem to have problems either, I believe. Thank you for responding. Not too many of us use Everlypedia. It has become a very good reference. I like the updates to it. In fact I thought that might have been my problem because there was one in August 2017 I believe but if you and Mary do not have problems, I must have an issue with my own computer.
Try typing "Everlypedia 1", "Everlypedia 2", "Everlypedia 3", "Everlypedia 4" on your browser. Who knows, they might come up...

And since you've found the whole thing, try downloading it.

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Ricardo A-Priori
Thank you, Ricardo. I knew that you used Everlypedia on occasion and I thought you might have experienced problems with it recently. The problems I experienced started about 6 weeks ago or so. I will try what you suggested; I will be hopeful but I won't hold my breath. Thanks again.
Thumbs up, Ricardo! Thank you for your second link. That one works great. It took forever to load up but it did load up. I do recall the whole Everlypedia took a little time to load up. That's why I preferred the parts; did not take a whole lot of time for them to load up. Even with the parts, it could be time consuming to find what you are looking for. I can imagine what it will be like finding what I am looking for by going through a lot of the Everlypedia. I might have to create my own "benchmarks" to find things. But I am very glad to have it. Thank you, Ricardo.
Mary, I don't know why your link at the very beginning did not work for me. I still think I have problems with things that happened with a recent Windows 10 update. Plus I found the link for the entire Everlypedia when I googled it but I could not get past the first page. Whatever the problem is/was with those, I can use Ricardo's recent SECOND link to the Everlypedia because it works fine.
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