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Hi Everly friends and fans, I have an idea here it is: We discuss one Everly song per month, i.e. the singing, music, backing, who wrote it, any videos, who covered it, anything at all about the song, and all The Everly fan site is involved. I don't know yet how we could decide which song to discuss but I think the 1st should be Bye, Bye, Love. What does everyone think? Any good? I look forward to hearing any comments.

For future reference this is the list of songs we have so far nominated:-
October Chris "Bye Bye Love" Page one 1# to 11#
November Bert "Autumn Leaves" Page one #12 to 20# on Page 2
December Mary "When Will I be Loved" Page 2 21# to 44# on Page 3

January Ricardo "That Was The Last Thing On my Mind" Page 3 45# to 55# on Page 4
February Pat "I Wonder If I Care As Much" Page 4 #56 to 70# on Page 5
March Lynda G "Asleep" Page 5 71# to 78# on Page 6
April Kate "Up In Mabel's Room" Page 6 #79 to #87 on Page 6
May Lenore "Crying In The Rain" Page 6 #88 to 102# on Page 7
June Susan B "Living Too Close To The Ground" Page 7 #103 to 111# on Page 8
July Chris "You're My Girl" Page 8 #112 to #125 on Page 9
August Makaylah "Wake Up Little Susie" Page 9 #126 to #134 on Page 9
September Linda Hollinger "The Price of Love" Page 9 #135 to #149 Page 10
October Marianne "Why Worry" Page 10 #150 to #159 Page 11
November Terry Sykes "Gone, Gone, Gone" Page 11 #160 to #174 Page 12
December From Everyone: "Problems" and Christmas songs from the EB's Page 12 #175 to #182 Page 13

January Gloria Solis "January Butterfly" Page 13 #183 to #194 Page 13
February Marion D "Let It Be Me" Page 13 #195 to #227 Page 16
March Mary "Walk Right Back" Page 16 #228 to #240 Page 17
April Catherine Rossi "Bowling Green" Page 17 #241 to #265 Page 18
May Sandra Caroline Irving "Always It's You" Page 18 #266 to #274 Page 18
June Chris "My Babe" Page 18 #275 to 317# Page 22
July Lynda "Devoted to You" Page 22 #318 to 351# Page 24
August Ricardo/Gloria "It's All Over" Page 24 #352 to 385# Page 26
September Colin Howell "Casey's Last Ride" Page 26 #386 to 419# Page 28
October Susan Hendrickson "Love of the Common People" Page 28 #420 to 442# Page 30
November Kyrti "Ferris Wheel" Page 30 #443 to #460 Page 32
December From Everyone: Christmas songs etc from the EB's Page 32 #461 to #501 Page 34

January Marion "Words In Your Eyes" Page 34 #502 to #515 Page 35
February Sharon "Arms of Mary" Page 35 #516 to 538# Page 35
March Jamie Lovett "This Little Girl of Mine" Page 36 #539 to 567# Page 38
April MeFloody "Till I Kissed You" Page 38 #568 to #604 Page 41
May Paul Gajdos "It Only Costs a Dime" Page 41 #605 to #609 Page 41
June Marion "Love Hurts" Page 41 #610 to #637 Page 43
July Recording "Baby What you Want me to do" Page 43 #638 to #684 Page 46
August "Barbara Allen" Page 46 #685 to #752 Page 51
September "No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile" Page 51 #753 to #791 Page 53
October Gloria "On The Wings of a Nightingale" Page 53 #792 to
November "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town"
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Good idea, Chris. Do you want to kick it off with a "Bye Bye Love" tidbit of trivia on Oct. 2?
Well it is a great song.It really was something no one had ever heard before. of the re-makes, I like Chiemi Eri's version best.
When I feel like smiling, you're the reason why. If I ever lost you..holy crap, I always thought I would be the first one to go.
Don and Phil, from Everlypedia, on "Bye Bye Love:" Don: “They sang ‘Bye Bye Love’ to me. At that point I wasn’t trying to pick out a hit song. I was thinking about the recording money that I was going to get from the session. I was probably more interested in doing my own material but I didn’t say that. It isn’t the kind of thing you pipe up when you’re twenty years old.”
Phil: “We went in to cut the song for the sixty-four dollar session fee – that’s what I wanted. A quick sixty-four dollars to buy some hamburgers. We had very little money and I think we would’ve recorded anything.” Their financial situation at the time was so dire that all they had for food in the house was a can of chilli! No wonder all Phil cared about were a couple of juicy hamburgers to sink his teeth into.
Don said about Bye Bye Love: It was that golden key that got us through the door. So this is our first song to discuss and their first song.
Don, recalling their first performance at the Grand Ole Opry singing "Bye Bye Love," said all they could see was a sea of faces. They had never seen so many people before in their lives. "Our world was much smaller then," he said. They performed the song, then rushed off stage, they were so nervous. The crowd was going wild with applause, and people at the Opry backstage pushed Don and Phil back onstage for an encore of Bye Bye Love. Don said they'd do half of it, then run back offstage, only to get pushed back out again to sing half again!

This was in a scene from "The Everly Brothers: Songs of Innocence and Experience."
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Just to add a few more facts (as if no one knows?) The record label Cadence had been pitching this Bye Bye Love song to a few other people. It had been turned down a lot actually. Don said: We had a great song called 'Give me a Future' (that's where we got the arrangement) for Bye Bye Love. "We said that we liked the song and we'd give it our own thing, Archie (Bleyer)said: 'Do what you want to with it'. I was really influenced by Bo Diddley guitar wise. I was trying to sound like that sound with the rhythm guitar. I think the song, our voices and some chicken rhythm was our combination, our secret".
Boudleaux Bryant's hometown of Shellman celebrates its 4th year festival in his honor next week. Article in Google News, older article and YouTube clip of earlier festivals. If someone would like to post these, Google: Bryant festival shellman.
I do so hope this link is attached this time. It is artistes who have covered Bye Bye Love and after the George Harrison debacle then we see who did cover it for the right reasons.
For me Bye Bbye Love was the beginnig of my musical interest , I must admid. The moment I heard that song for the first time..... I'll never forget. The intro on the acoustic guitar was something I never heard before and the two voices were unique. The production of that record was so different that it knocked me out of my shoes and I decided that my parents could sell the piano and buy me and my younger brother a guitar. Growing up in Holand I had to listen to Radio Luxemburg or Radio London to get the latest info on American releases, 'cause in those days we did not have a Rock'n'Roll Radio station.ByeBye Love changed my life completely and I did not know that years later I would visit Phil in his home in L.A. and Margaret Everly several times in her home in Nashville. Both Don and Phil were alway s very kind to me and Phil took care of my "back stage" pass whenever I visited a concert in Holland, Belgium, Germany or England. Phil also gave Robert Steinegger permission to built me a Stenegger Ike Everly guitar, a "juwel" in my guitarcollection.Bye Bye Love became one of the most important songs in my life.
You have great memories, Bert. Thanks for sharing. Many, many people have had the same reaction to the acoustic guitar intro of Don's on "Bye Bye Love." My fave story is probably Art Garfunkel's. Here he was, a skinny Jewish kid in New York City and he heard it for the first time playing on a juke box. He said the guitar intro stopped him dead in his tracks, he couldn't believe what he was hearing and was astounded, and Don and Phil hadn't even opened their mouths yet! Once they did, he was amazed and hooked. I read Don said Ike was a lead guitarist, and he taught Little Donnie as a boy to play rhythm to his lead. Don is a great guitarist, and underrated, I think.
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For us to comment about for the month of November, Bert has chosen Autumn Leaves a 1961 song by Don & Phil. Look forward to hearing all your replies on this song.
I have just listened again to Bert's November nomination "Autumn Leaves" it is a song for late at night. I can understand Bert choosing this song at this time it is so melancholy and maybe suits his mood at the sad times he has been experiencing.
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I did some more checking on this song today and the EB's are in great company with the big names who have sung this song. Originally a French song by Edith Piaf 1945 called "Les Feuilles Mortes". Others are Doris Day in 1956 and then 2 greats Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. There were several more but none as big as the afore mentioned.
The Everly Brothers - June is as cold as December - YouTube I think that would be a good choise for next month Chris.
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