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Yup, nice Brazilian samba rhythm [¡sabor! = flavor!]

All "technical" analyses from critics and commentators (como tu servilleta = such as yours truly) come only after the music & they improve the communication, never the music itself!
Ricardo A-Priori
Ray Charles singing "This Little Girl of Mine", great trumpet, I think it is a trumpet! Very bluesy, fantastic timing he has.
Sorry not to be clear Ricardo
What I was trying to say is that I would like to have information as to how a song was developed, ie take by take. We have seen a lot of this was take so and so in more recent CDs issued but earlier takes were either lost or they have not been published
I was listening to how they got to the final version of His Latest Flame by Elvis the other day and it was very interesting
Hi Li etc has two very different versions and I am not sure if they were done in one session or more
Sadly I cannot see the connection between This Little Girl of Mine and the Light one but as I have said before the Everlys song is not one I play much. In fact I never knew it was issued as a single because I didn't really get into it all until after the first three. I was under ten then
Good ear Chris! There's certainly a trumpet there, + some call & answer with a baritone (?) sax that also plays the solo.

I've read somewhere that they've checked Ray Charles's timing with a computer and it turned out to be perfect!

Thanx for clarifying Colin.

Certainly jazzy [seems like Hank Garland did it again]!

From Everlypedia:

(Bronislaw Kaper/Helen Deutsch) Recorded 31st May 1961 at RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, Tennessee. Chester B.
“Chet” Atkins (guitar); Harold Ray Bradley (guitar); Ray Edenton (guitar); Walter L. “Hank” “Sugerfoot” Garland (guitar); Samuel K. “Sammy” Pruett (guitar); Walter Haynes (steel guitar); Floyd T. “Lightnin’” Chance (bass); Murray M. “Buddy” Harman (drums); Lou “Joe Fingers Carr” Busch (percussion); Marvin H. Hughes (piano). Producer: no credit; engineer: Bill Porter.
This song was first featured in the 1953 film Lili starring Leslie Carron. The version included on the album BOTH SIDES OF AN EVENING is somewhat dreary. During the same session they cut a much jazzier rendition that is absolutely worthwhile and one wonders why that wasn’t used. This jazzy version wasn’t issued until 2005 when it appeared on the CD FROM NASHVILLE TO HOLLYWOOD, a wonderful compilation of outtakes. It can also be found on the Bear Family box set THE PRICE OF FAME. Several artists recorded the song, including Gene Vincent, Manfred Mann and Anne Murray.
Bronislaw Kaper, 5th February 1902 – 26th April 1983; Helen Deutch, 21st March 1906 – 15th March 1992."

Thanx & Kudos to Robin Dunn & Chrissie van Varik!


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Ricardo A-Priori
"THIS LITTLE GIRL OF MINE" by the CLEFTONES in 'doo-wop' style

Formed in Queens, NY, in 1955, the Cleftones consisted of five friends from Jamaica High School -- Herb Cox (lead), Warren Corbin (bass), Charlie James (first tenor), William McClain (baritone), and Berman Patterson (second tenor). Originally signed to Gee, the group released its first single, "You Baby You," late in 1955; an up-tempo doo wop song, the record became a regional hit. "Little Girl of Mine," the Cleftones' second single, broke nationally, charting at number eight R&B and number 57 pop in 1956.


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The RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS perform, "This Little Girl of Mine" on SHINDIG tv show

Their style differs from the original of Ray Charles, the Everly Brothers' version, and the Cleftones' rendition. It doesn't seem to have the spark, pazzazz that these three do.

However, the video shows the other guest stars on that same episode, who gather at the end while the Righteous Brothers are singing, "This Little Girl of Mine". Several have some connection with the Everly Brothers: Joey Paige, Glen Campbell, Rolling Stones, Billy Preston... (Sonny & Cher, Donovan, the Ronettes, and more also guested.)

"They weren't brothers, but Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (both born in 1940) were most definitely righteous, defining (and perhaps even inspiring) the term "blue-eyed soul" in the mid-'60s. The white Southern California duo were an established journeyman doo wop/R&B act before an association with Phil Spector produced one of the most memorable hits of the 1960s, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". The collaboration soon fell apart, though, and while the singers had some other excellent hit singles in a similar style, they proved unable to sustain their momentum after just a year or two at the top." (Bill Medley recorded "In My Room" in 2007 with Phil Everly and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, audio is in Videos and Forum's Celebrating)


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Ricardo, I never knew that Ray Charles' version of "This Little Girl of Mine" had been checked by a computer for his timing and it was perfect. Many songs in the 50's & 60's had great timing, sometimes it is so good it is a stand out song. One song I always think of and we had this one when I was a young girl too was Johnny Burnett singing "You're Sixteen".

The "Cleftones" with their Doo-wop style I know my brother would love to hear that one, he does like many doo-wop songs.

Another version of "This Little Girl of Mine" is an instrumental by Herbie Mann, good choice of instruments.

Another song just came to mind of which I like the timing. It is "Bobby Darin's, Dream Lover"
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I just had to let others hear this little girl sing "This Little Light of Mine"
Found it!

It was Fever Chris.

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Ricardo A-Priori
Amazing what they can do with attaching a science method to check out the timing in the song. Good find Ricardo. Smile
"This Little Girl of Mine" - photo with RAY CHARLES, the originator of the song, with the EVERLY BROTHERS at the premiere induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1986. (Jerry Lee Lewis also in photo)

SEE Page 38, Quote #557 re: RAY CHARLES singing his song.

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Comment from PHIL EVERLY about the recording of "This Little Girl Of Mine"

"We'd had a dud record. You know they had released something from the album while we were in New York, "This Little Girl of Mine". We didn't want that out, but someone said we needed a record out, and we were working, and you couldn't go in and record. That (the song) came out and just kind of piffled around and didn't do much of anything." (from STUDIO OUTTAKES Liner Notes 2006)

The song was #26 in the USA and #4 in the Country Charts!

The Everly Brothers performed this song on their 1970 TV program, ABC's Johnny Cash Presents the Everly Brothers.
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MeFloody chooses "Till I Kissed You" as April song of the month. He has internet interruptions for this day and maybe for 3 weeks so I am placing this here for him.

This was a link he posted on the feed for his choice:
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Great song!

So much to be said about it, those guitar arpeggios, of course the tom drum rolls by Cricket drummer Jerry Allison...

Meanwhile, please check out this link.
Ricardo A-Priori
Please check out this true live vid. Watch the "Crickets" backing them up & listen to a louder Don balance, not so much reverb on the toms, etc.

Ricardo A-Priori
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