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Because it is May 1st tomorrow and we will have a new song to discuss then, I realise I have to get all the versions I found onto the site tonight/day.

This next version is more in keeping with how the Everly Brothers sang it, it is Cliff Crofford and Billy Mize.
Nana McLean was on the version I posted a few quotes ago, this time she is cited as singing this on her own, a big drum in the background of this one.

Al Campbell singing yet another Reggae version.

The Prophets - AKA the Gladiators. I posted a version of them singing with Jimmy London and Nana McLean earlier, it seems some really love the Reggae sound of this song.
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Gary Lewis and the Playboys - not another Reggae version, but like I said only a few hours before we have another song so I am digging as many up as I can find!! Smile
Re post # 598

Publishing companies are stingy and lazy.

The EBs play the song in F# (interesting to doodle around with only the black keys in the piano -- or accordion --... ), which would require 6 sharps on the score. Instead they transcribe it in F, which only needs one single flat. The piano part has nothing to do with what Floyd Cramer does on the record. The "classic" style transcription, with (high and low case) Roman numerals is better, though with no melody.

Beware of transcriptions, they're usually misleading or downright wrong!

Excellent live TV performance!!!

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Ricardo A-Priori
Paul Gajdos has chosen the May song - "It Only Costs a Dime"

Interesting choice.
May song from Paul:

Warner Brothers 1965

Why don’t you ever call me
I know you’ve got the time
I’m always near the phone waiting here alone
Oh baby, it only costs a dime
Did you throw away my number
Or did it slip your mind
There’re so many things to say
And you’re so far away
Oh baby, aren’t I worth a dime
Just the sound of your voice
And I can sleep at night
Just a word or two from you
Would make the sun shine bright
Why don’t you ever call me
I know you’ve got the time
I’m always near the phone waiting here alone
Oh baby, it only costs a dime
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"It Only Costs a Dime" is the flip side of "The Price of Love"

"The Bye Bye Blackbirds" sing this song from 2008
Follow up for Quote #608

For June song of the month I have chosen "Love Hurts".
Originally recorded by the Everly's, it has also been sucessfully recorded by others but to me it is always an Everly song first. Written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, I feel it is one of their most beautiful songs and the Everly's always do an amazing job singing it. Another song the Everly's were meant to sing.
A good choice Marion
The other faster version on Rock n Soul is good as well
This was of course at the time when they had big problems with Wesley Rose who by all accounts was not a nice man. Just a business man no interest in the art so to speak. Yet another example of poor choices in selecting the right one for issue as a single as that is what seemed to be the driving force during those years. So many others too long to list them all now but others have suggested them, as well as the double sided mistakes. Still we have got them all in our collections.
Interestingly they did not always feature the Deadly Medley on the tours after the reunion and sometimes threw in Brown Eyes instead of one of the others. I cannot recall exactly which from the times I saw them here in Wales. I should have written down the sets on the programmes but never got around to it.
Funny weather here in Swansea and the Gower. Very hot for a few days and then the usual rain. No beach walking for some time. Hope it improves
Saw Don Everly on the new Buddy Holly story recently on a BBC programme I think it was.
Such a beautifully touching song and always sung with sweet sentiment by the Everly Brothers!

Here is a video with the song and complete lyrics together:

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Thanks Colin. I have a tough time choosing a song of the month, just so many wonderful Everly recordings.
Difficult to understand why "Love Hurts" was not released as a single other than management made a very unfair and very unwise decision. This is such a great song, and we all know the Everly's would have had a massive hit with it. Thank goodness Don and Phil went ahead and made some other very successful recording decisions on their own.
I agree Colin, many decisions on recordings and releases are difficult to understand.
"Love Hurts" is a great choice Marion. I really like to hear and watch them sing it at the Reunion concert. I know US cannot view or hear most of the songs from the Reunion, but most members certainly know it.

For those who can view this, UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, yes we did have an Australian member get in touch about a year ago so we do have people from all over the world as members of this Everly site. We should have no trouble getting anyone to say something about this song, even though a couple of past months suggest otherwise.
Well, we cannot see that in USA! However, there is a fan-video clip of the "trilogy" at the REUNION CONCERT:

VIDEO RECORDING: "Love Hurts" starts at 1:48

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