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Re: the Library of Congress link. It has ― in addition to all the obvious readable material ― a lot of sound recordings that are very interesting.
Re: grandchildren and musical taste. I remember my Dad listening to Don’t Blame Me by the Mills Brothers long before the Everlys recorded it; also to the Ink Spots’ version of Paper Doll that Ike had Don record in a booth as a child. So, though each generation has to find a way to break away from the ones before them [just think Wake up Little Susie being censored for its lyrics], I believe exposing them to good music may bridge the gap. Maybe have you play them some good music and asking them for their opinion?

I’m not sure I follow you on “there are more alto tones giving it a bass flavor” Could you please elaborate?
The original version is in E and I really can’t make out Phil’s guitar, only Don’s, with a capo sounding a high B3 in the opening Emaj chord.
I love the way they seem to be enjoying the sound of their perfectly harmonized voices in all those crescendos and other nuances as they did in so many other songs in those early recordings.
The Reunion Concert version has both of them playing with no capos, in standard tuning and a whole major third [two tones] down in C!

The song has been recorded by everybody, from John Travolta to Billie Joe and Norah [Pete Seeger included], and I’ve got a thousand comments [some maybe a bit too technical, therefore boring to most of you]. Meanwhile, please check out and compare:





Please go from 8:18 to 11:00


Please go from 5:11 to 6:13



Ricardo A-Priori
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