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"(These photos) remind me of when we crossed the Irish border late at night in a bus. A young armed soldier came aboard to check on us. He radioed his superior and told him it was the Everlys and band. Don & Phil had to sing "Dream" into the soldier's radio to prove who they were."

-- Albert Lee
Mary, your last quote (from Albert Lee) is a hoot! How funny! The soldier got his own personal performance from the Everlys.

Don with Dave Edmunds.

“If pressed, I would have to admit that the Everly Brothers have had more influence on me than anyone else. The way Don sang those solo passages so beautifully still gets me. But most of all it was their accuracy in singing together. I once asked Don if they spend a long time working on their phrasing to achieve such perfect synchronisation on each of the many records they made over the years, to which he replied, "Nope, we just sang them!" When I listen to their records even now, his answer still puzzles me.”

-- Dave Edmunds

More from Dave Edmunds and working with The EBs:
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“You can’t have “Bye Bye Love” or “Wake Up Little Susie” without those guitar pickings, without those guitar riffs we all remember, and they’re always Don Everly. And Don may say that he’s playing Bo Diddley’s lick but it’s just the modesty of a genius. They’re all Don Everly parts."

- former band member Warren Zevon
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The EBs with Jim Conkling, Warner Brothers president who signed the duo to the label in 1960.

From the Four King Cousins (Conkling's daughter's musical group) Facebook page:

From Candy: I have a couple of memories of the Everly Brothers. I remember that a few of us girls recorded a "pop" version of "Pomp and Circumstance" (graduation theme) that the Everly Bros. produced at Warner Bros. I remember being all jittery with excitement to meet them, as I still to this day say that my very first favorite song as a teenager was "Bye Bye Love". And, of course, they also were very cute and I had such a crush on Don. They were very nice and easy to work with. It was a real thrill to be in a recording studio with them.

The second memory is when we were doing the Kraft Summer Music Hall and they were the show's guest and we got to sing with them then. When we went on tour with John Davidson and George Carlin, while in Phoenix we heard the Everly Brothers were playing in a club, so we went over there to hear them perform and hang out with them for a while. They were very gentlemanly, nice, Southern charm, fun to be with. My dad was very close to them during the Warner Brothers years and even attended Don's wedding. (Just a side note: We still have an antique table my parents bought from one of them many years ago). It's a sad day for me personally to lose (Phil), such a lovely man and great talent.

From Cathy: Although I was younger than the other Girls when the Everly Brothers first hit, I remember hearing their music and loving it, and vaguely remember Candy's big crush on Don.

But when "Cathy's Clown" came out in 1960, they "owned" me. I was 13 then and that was so exciting for me. They even spelled it with a "C!" I remember feeling so special that a hit song's title was my name. I was a full fan by then.

We all loved their music, and really appreciated their close harmonies, because that's also what we had learned from our Mamas....and there's an extra special and unique "blend" when family sings together.

Later, when they appeared on the "Kraft Summer Music Hall" with us in 1966, we were all excited to see and meet them. I remember them being very nice and VERY cute."

-- Candy Conkling Brand, daughter, and group co-member Cathy Cole Green
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