EB park, Knoxville, TN

Everly Brothers Park in the works, in Knoxville, TN:

Update on EB park in Knoxville, TN:

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Dogwood trees are slow-growing, but very beautiful, flowering trees. Ours in Kentucky are blooming now as they are in Tennessee. I am glad such lovely trees dot the new Everly Brothers park.
I have kept looking for on going clips for the park to see how it is developing. It does look in need of a good water, the turf is dry and is leaving the sides of the next piece. The trees are lovely and remind of Magnolia trees which are in bloom here with their pink flowers. I am pleased that they have done such a lovely park to remind everyone that the great Everly Brothers did once live there.
Chris, I didn't know you had magnolia trees in England. They are very common in the American South, and very lovely with their big flowers. There is a very large, healthy one in my neighbor's yard that I wish I had in my yard. I am not a tree expert or arborist, but I thought magnolias needed heat and humidity, which is very, very prevalent in the South.
Yes we have lots of Magnolia trees my next door but one neighbour has a lovely one in the front garden. I really like these trees.
It looks like City Council approved Everly Brothers park. Some pictures in this link.
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The name "Everly Brothers Park" has been approved in Knoxville, TN:

An article to go with the Everly Brothers Park sign, in Knoxville, TN:

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I wonder if that link was only posted on the feed before, or is it in another place? I remember the very good photo of Patti, Stirling and Arabella, Venetia went but wasn't in the photo unless she is the one taking it.

I wonder how Patti feels when if she turned around her husband is there with Don as young men.

I think she is doing very well at promoting things and helping them to progress, whether it be COPD Foundation or the park, I am sure she is active in other areas too. Also she has had to oversee the sale of that wonderful house she and Phil had.
We had had the photo, of Stirling, Patti and Arabella Everly, posted before but not the article, that I remember. I would have remembered those Everlys walking through Don and Phil's old high school in Knoxville. I thought it was a cute little piece. Plus, it should be with this thread in Forum.
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On viewing the lovely photo of Stirling,Patti, and Arabella Everly,I was stunned to see a young Don,smiling back at me.Grandson Stirling is the mirror image of his grandad Don.That young man will go places.
Stirling Everly, Don's grandson, did a recent interview for Nashville Film Radio, on a podcast. Stirling's interview begins at the 25.00 mark. No mention of The Everly Brothers, but Stirling chats about his work and future plans.

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Published by The Legacy Parks Foundation, an East Tennessee nonprofit organization, in conjunction with the Everly Brothers Park in Knoxville.
Here's a video I haven't seen before. How about that announcers hair! LOL!

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