1970 TV Show, Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers, episode details

On their final TV show episode, Don and Phil are joined by daddy Ike on a great gospel song.
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Unfortunately the link for Silver Haired Daddy of Mine cannot be opened. But the sentiment on this link for Christmas was very nice.

With Tina Turner and Melanie, show #5, Aug. 5, 1970. Singing "This Little Light of Mine."

From show #1, recorded May 29, 1970 and aired July 8, 1970. Ike was one of his sons' guests on that episode, along with Johnny Cash, Melanie, and Kenny Rogers.

Everlypedia has on its episode details, above in this thread, that this is Ike, Don and Phil but I hear Melanie and Johnny Cash, other guests that episode, join in. Don and Phil take turns singing with their dad.
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Clip from show 5# recorded June 5, 1970 and aired August 5 1970, Melanie, Tina Turner and Bobby Sherman join the Everly Brothers.

The first song is from Melanie "Tuning my Guitar" 2nd song is "Christopher Robin" and the 3rd song everyone joins in for "This Little Light of Mine"

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Ike and Phil loved to do poem contests and Ike usually got the better of Phil, this time they chose 'Birds and Grapefruit' and Phil came up with the funniest poem this time!! Wink

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A new-to-me photo from The EBs' TV show. (I recognize the stage scaffolding!)

Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, from the TV show, Episode #9 recorded May 9, 1970 and broadcast Sept. 2, 1970. Other guests in addition to Nelson were Merrilee Rush and The Carter Family.
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Melanie and Bobby Sherman, guest starring on The EBs' TV show, Episode #5, August 5, 1970. The complete show is linked above.
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