KMA radio broadcast, Everly Family, Christmas 1946

KMA audio, Shenandoah, IA. Donnie, 9, Phillip, 7:

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Thanks for the fantastic link!

Does anyone know if there are any other audio of the Everly Family shows from the radio?

I have been looking but I can't find any other audio clips - would live to hear more. Smile

Thanks in advance!
Rebecca said...

Adrian, I know that at least one complete show exists in private hands other than Margaret's. Margaret may have some more in her carefully guarded collection.

Hi Rebecca.
Many thanks for your reply - would love to hear any of them that may still be available. Maybe Margaret would be really kind and let us hear some more of them - would be great! Here's hoping... Thanks again for your reply Rebecca Smile

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Thanks for sharing this Mary - fantastic stuff!

Thanks for sharing Mary,indeed it would be fantastic if further footage of their family radio days came to light.Its wonderful to hear them in their formative years on their family show,such talent even as small children,it must have been obvious even then that they had a big future.I believe Margaret was the one who sensed this when they were so young,she knew they had a big future and kept moulding and encouraging them right from the early days,Never allowing them to be despondent.How right she was,Thank you Margaret for your great gift of the Everly Brothers,Don and Phil.
Article from Shenandoah, IA.
"On KMA radio in my hometown of Shenandoah IA, morning show co-hosts Chuck Morris & Don Hansen just opened their show with a KMA recording from Christmas Day, 1946, with 9-year-old Donnie Everly singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" and then 7-year-old Phillip Everly singing "Silent Night." Yes, you're right -- they're the Shenandoah boys who grew up to become the Everly Brothers, charter members of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. They're now in their 70s and live in Nashville (and California -- editor.). That KMA recording is a classic piece of radio & Shenandoah history."

-- Chuck Offenburger, Iowa journalist, December 2011
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A mural on the KMA building, Shenandoah, IA. Courtesy of Sharon Knezevich, taken on her tour of The EBs' childhood home in Shenandoah.
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I can't find this clip in Videos, though it has to be there. It also needs to be here on KMA in Forum. This clip is from close to the end of the Everly family's stay in Shenandoah.
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The KMA Mayfair Auditorium.
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KMA Guide, December 1945. The Everly family had just moved to Shenandoah and Ike had begun his job at KMA. In December 1945 Don was 8 and Phil 6, the ages they first began singing/telling jokes as boys on KMA.

"From a radio kiddies party to radio and music stars. In the back row of this group photo featured on the KMA, Shenandoah, Iowa, magazine we see Phillip and Donald Everly... later known simply as The Everly Brothers." (In matching striped shirts!)
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KMA Guide, 1951.
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