KMA Radio Guide, Shenandoah, IA, Jan. 1949, Everly newsbits

Ike pictured on far right on the cover photo. News shorts: Ike on page 2, and in the article on page 5; Don and Margaret on page 6; Ike and his guitar on page 12; Phil's birthday noted on page 15.

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Everly family recipes, from Ike, Phil and Don. From "Neighboring on the Air: Cooking with the KMA Radio Homemakers,"
by Evelyn M. Birkby
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KMA Guide, Shenandoah, IA, April 1950. Article on Phil and Don and a kite!, page 5.
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Center photo highlights a page on The Everly Family.
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"KMA Radio, The First 60 Years," published in 1985. The great section on the Everly Family's professional years at KMA Radio in Shenandoah, IA, is on pages 99-109. Many quotes from Margaret are included, so are Everly Family photos, most of which we've seen except for one, of Ike with other KMA musicians. Plus, more on pages 124-125, on their end at KMA, then the switch to Shenandoah's other radio station, KFNF for several years, until they left Iowa in search of more radio jobs.
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These are excellent, thanks.

I will have to go back and finish re-reading these; they are so folksy. Very entertaining. I love the one about the extra chili powder being added to the chili that already had chili powder in it. It said 1/4 tsp.; lol, we use 1 tsp. plus 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper! And then they gave it to the poor family dog because it was too hot. I think I would have had that poor dog stay outdoors for several days after that. No way would he would have stayed in my house even if was just 1/4 tsp. chili powder. Hopefully the weather would not have been cold for the poor dog.
Lenore, I just love these old historical documents of 1940s and '50s Midwest. My childhood was some years after these KMA years represented here, but, I grew up in the Midwest, in the country, in a small town, and women did exchange recipes, everyone knew everyone else and their kids and even their dogs!, and knew their business sometimes before it even happened!!! I especially enjoy this history when the Everly family is involved!
You're welcome, Michelle. The KMA guides are great to have here on the site, and so much fun.
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It is several months since I last looked at these Mary. I have gone through it all twice previously, but there is so much it is always interesting to come to back to it again. Sometimes it takes someone else to comment on a link to remind me to took a look again.
That is so true, Chris. There is so much material that has been posted on the site, between Videos, Photos, and especially Forum, that it is easy to forget about all the great info until someone comments, and you remember. I do that all the time.
I need to look at this when I have more time; maybe I can do that tomorrow morning; I don't know if I have looked at this in Forum or not; if I have, it has been a very long time ago.
Perhaps some of you read more into this document than I had (my bad!), but, I just discovered more Everly Family info in "KMA Radio: The First 60 Years." There is more on pages 124-125, on their end at KMA in 1951, then the switch to Shenandoah's other radio station KFNF for several years. Great quotes from Margaret. The Everlys then left Iowa in search of more radio jobs, ending up in Knoxville in 1953, their last Everly Family radio job. From then on, it was Nashville and Don and Phil striking out on their own. There is a nice quote from a KMA announcer who knew them, recalling that as the family was leaving Iowa, people knew the boys would make it big, they were very talented and determined.
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I re-read all this today Mary. I had completely by-passed those pages too, I was looking for Everly 'stuff' to read and missed those, thanks for highlighting those pages.

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