KMA Radio Guide, Shenandoah, IA, Jan. 1949, Everly newsbits

The story behind this photo of Don, 13, cooking Shrimp Creole with Margaret is on page 7 of the January 1950 KMA Radio Guide.

"Don says cooking may be his hobby if not his job when he grows up. He loves to cook, and in 5 years when he gets ready to go to college, his cooking experience may come in handy in helping pay his way through school. On a recent Boy Scout trip, Don was official camp cook, preparing a big kettle of Mulligan Stew."
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The "Ike Everly Family" performs at 6 a.m. Don chatted about this in "Songs of Innocence & Experience," that the family would be on the radio early, as the farmers milked their cows, then go home and get ready for school. Sometimes, he said, they stopped at the bakery and got hot cinnamon buns, in the dark because it was so early.

Don as an eighth grader, 1951, Shenandoah, IA.

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"This could be the first Everly Brothers Band they performed with in the late '40's. Buddy Morris, Jeanie Sanders, Eddie Comer, Ike Everly. Traveled the region playing for dances. I've had this for a while at the Depot but I'm digging stuff out for a presentation at the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake (IA) next weekend."

-- Bill Hillman, Shenandoah, IA, late January 2017

(The Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, IA coincides with the anniversary/honoring of "The Day The Music Died," the last concert before the Feb. 3, 1959 plane crash of Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens.)
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The KMA Mayfair Auditorium.
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This (I believe is an artist rendering and not an actual photo although I found an actual photo) of the KMA Mayfair Auditorium before it was demolished in 1964 because it was structurally not safe.

I am curious who the "talent agent" was who had discovered the Everly Brothers by 1952? Was that Cas Walker (with WROL)? lol He must have been a character.

I actually think this is a postcard. Sure looks like it could have been one.
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This is a lengthy article about some of the radio stations in the Midwest during earlier eras. Shenandoah radio stations are included in this article. This is a very interesting read.

There is a very good photo posted in connection with this article and I will see if I can post it here. I had some difficulty posting the photo, but here it is. It is the interior of the KMA Mayfair Auditorium.

I happened to think about this as a postcript. During the 50s and 60s (at least this is the way it was in Texas), a lot of theaters became the latest and greatest in architecture. Large buildings with a lot of added ornamentation on them on the outside; some made out of very good building materials; marble, rock, brick, etc. The inside of them were the same way; very comfortable seating, acoustics, stage presence, carpeting, etc. Makes me think that is what Earl May might have tried to do here...he wanted to have a "for real" theater. While I lived in San Antonio, Texas, there were two theaters that I attended to see movies when I was in my 20s. Those two theaters, one was called the Aztec, the other, the Majestic, were the most gaudy with ornamentation over the top theatres I think I have ever seen. I think the Majestic might still be used for special events. It was 5 or 6 years ago; don't know about now.

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I recall reading about the KMA Country School in earlier posts somewhere and meant to follow-up on that but apparently I forgot to do it. I found this (and have found other articles about it too) when I was looking for photos of the KMA Mayfair Auditorium. Another interesting read. Ike Everly was with the KMA Country School.


A childhood lemonade stand, from Bill Hillman's presentation on The EBs and Shenandoah. Because The Everly Family did many promotional photos for KMA and its radio guide publications, it is very likely this photo was one of them.

A video of old footage (no audio) of Shenandoah, IA in 1939, six years before the Everly family moved there from Chicago for a slower, small-town life for young Don and Phil.
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KMA Guide, December 1945. The Everly family had just moved to Shenandoah and Ike had begun his job at KMA. In December 1945 Don was 8 and Phil 6, the ages they first began singing/telling jokes as boys on KMA.

"From a radio kiddies party to radio and music stars. In the back row of this group photo featured on the KMA, Shenandoah, Iowa, magazine we see Phillip and Donald Everly... later known simply as The Everly Brothers." (In matching striped shirts!)
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The railroad depot at Shenandoah, IA, perhaps circa the Everly Family's time. Margaret was quoted as saying the family moved from Chicago and got off the train in Shenandoah, and she was wondering what they had done, getting greeted by the heat and bugs.
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October 1950.
I read in "Walk Right Back" that Phil had learned to play the mandolin. I wish we could have heard some of his mandolin selections. I will have to pay more attention when I look at the list of back-up musicians on a track (in Everlypedia) if there was someone playing a mandolin on the track.

I can imagine how delighted Ike must have been when he finally got an electric guitar.

The devotion of the Everly Family to pursue their legacy in music and radio is outstanding. Not that many musicians can say they have been there and done that as a family.
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January 1949, Ike Everly with the "Y" in upper right corner of cover photo.

A KMA/Earl May seed sign near Shenandoah, IA.
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