KMA Radio Guide, Shenandoah, IA, Jan. 1949, Everly newsbits

The background story to this pic: the photo appeared in a KMA Guide, the ad was published in The Malvern (IA) Leader Nov. 11, 1947. Malvern is about 30 miles north of Shenandoah.

KMA Guide, 1951.

Ike Everly, front and center, KMA Christmas party, December 1947.
I came to this Forum thread to look specifically for a recipe for Thanksgiving Stuffing; my mother had a very specific way to make hers and I was curious to know if perhaps Thanksgiving Stuffing was prepared by others the way she prepared hers many years ago. I did not find any stuffing recipes but a lot of recipes I saw in a cookbook (info below) piqued my interest.

FYI, Mary's Quote #2, references the cookbook: Neighboring on the Air: Cooking with the KMA Radio Homemakers. This cookbook is available on eBay from as little as $1 to big bucks in Hammond, Indiana. Several have owners in Shenandoah. I collect cookbooks, particularly old cookbooks. I plan to order one. I am sure I will enjoy it because of its value with the passage of time but also from several of the recipes that are posted in it.

Update: It appears from what I have been able to determine that the versions offered on eBay is a revised version that was published June 1, 1991. I have no idea if and where the original print can be found. I am very sure it would be pricey to buy if any are found.
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A page from a KMA Guide. Ike, the hillbilly artist. Don inherited artistic talents as well as musical talents from his dad.
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A clearer photo of the KMA Christmas party, published in the KMA Guide, December 1945, featuring Don and Phil, on right in matching striped shirts.
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