1963 Billboard of concerts

These 1963 Billboards show how many big artists were on the same 'Bill' as the Everly Brothers. This rarely happens now unless it is a concert such as "Live Aid".



I have added the bottom of the 2 links today 3rd August 2015, it was announced yesterday that Cilla Black has died and several celebrities have mentioned this tour she was on with, Everly Brothers, Billy J Kramer, the dancer Lionel Blair and others. Gerry Marsden (Gerry & The Pacemakers) has been tv talking about it - he and Cilla were from Liverpool the same as the Beatles. Pleased to see that Gerry is well again after his bout of double pneumonia.

These Bill Boards are as much a part of cataloguing history as anything we will see.
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Such happy, happy days. If only I'd realised how lucky I was back then.
The two I went to...

Little Richard had joined the tour by the time they got to Sheffield.
You were so very lucky Susan, I wished I had seen them once. My sister saw them in Derby and told me after she, husband, daughter and son-in-law had been. I could have got down there and seen them too if only I knew and could have bought tickets. I try not to dwell on it too much because I can't believe I never saw them live. It haunts me at times, we had the Brothers so often in the UK I really should have seen them.
When I saw Chuck Berry 1964, there were some big acts of the day on the same bill. Carl Perkins, the Swinging Blue Jeans & The Animals.

As you say, you don't get lots of big acts all on the same bill anymore.
When I saw the Everly Brothers in 1987 at the Royal Albert Hall, the only other act was Ralph McTell. Remember him?
That was the last concert I ever went to.

One thing that saddens me, is that my mother threw my concert programmes out. She said that she thought I didn't want them. I should have taken them with me when I married and left home. Mum also threw out my Elvis monthly magazines.
Ah well, I still have my Everly 1987 one.
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Billboard ad Cadence 1959

This is such a different photo than we usually have showing Billboards
I remember that tour in 1965 with Cilla and Billy J Kramer and Lionel Blair's Kick Dancers
The Everlys band was Sonny Curtis Dale Halcombe and Jim Gordon, a fabulous drummer who sadly became very ill committed an awful crime and is now still in prison I believe. I've lost the programme but I think you can still get some of the old ones if you contact the museum in Central City but I cannot find a website
It was again in the days when there were two performances. The Price of Love and Love is Strange had been hits in that year which saw a resurgence in the interest in the Everlys in Britain, all the more remarkable because the Mersey Sound was all the rage and American pop music was not played that much on the radio stations. The two albums Rock n Soul and Beat n Soul were out at around the same time too. It was indeed a good year for listening. I had just started working and although most of those in my age group knew who the Brothers were, they had no interest as the new British bands were putting stuff out every week. I recall going to see The Searchers on a few occasions as they and the Hollies seemed to be searching for that Everly Sound. And to be fair some of their stuff was very good
Is this the concert Colin which you spoke of?

Yes that was it. Interesting to see that Brian Epstein promoted it but he was the manager of Cilla and Billy J Kramer
Billy J Kramer was on Saturday Club shortly after and sang Love is Strange. Some things stick in your memory.. Like I said it was nice to see a resurgence because I had seen The Stones sometime earlier with the Everlys and we all said that the future was going to be different. Despite some good material it turned out to be so. I did not see them again until 1971 in the Royal Albert Hall with their father Ike. I am a bit vague on whether they toured again here before that, but there was an appearance on Saturday Club around 1968 so I assume there was at least another one. I guess the information is in those two books with the box sets. I'll have to look it up. I had no chance of tickets for the Reunion as they were carefully doled out, but I attended all the tours after that until the end in 2005. Dave Edmunds got on the stage on the reunion tour in 1985 in Cardiff. I have read bits of his autobiography somewhere when he went into some detail about his producing the two albums. Some of his stuff is on the Album Flash video. He is a fine guitarist.
I never pretend to be an expert on the Everly Brothers. I just read what I could and attended concerts. There are some out there who have detailed and intricate knowledge. Most of friends in school who loved them have now lost touch with me
I am so pleased that it was a blast from the past for you Colin, one thing brings back loads of memories that you think are lost until they are triggered.

It is great that you can give us so much information.

I do have some information on other concerts but I will need one or two more things before I can put them on site.

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