1963 Billboard of concerts

A Billboard for "Show of Stars" see #44

"Show of Stars" 1958 with a tour around the Billboard:
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Robin Seymour was host of this popular television show, similar to American Bandstand.

September 15, 1968 Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA Big Brother and The Holding Company, Joan Baez, Big Brother and The Holding Company (introduced by Albert King), The Byrds, Country Joe and the Fish, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, the Mothers of Invention, Buffy St. Marie and Wild Man Fischer (An American Music Show) - BBHC and Wild Man Fischer were originally not scheduled but took the places of Wilson Pickett and the Everly Brothers who did not appear. Joel Glick remembers that The Byrds (in their country period) opened the show and Big Brother closed it.

Such a shame that The Everly Brothers and Wilson Pickett did not appear in this concert at the 1968 Rose Bowl, I wonder why? What else were they doing on September 15th 1968?

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THE EVERLY BROTHERS DID EXTENSIVE TOURING IN 1968, according to Everlypedia and other online sources

In addition, Everlys recorded their ROOTS album in 1968!

The following itinerary shows their journey on 3 continents that year. Surprisingly, however, it shows that The Everly Brothers DID appear at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California! ???? Fact or Fiction???

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Yes I see it on the tour details about the Rose Bowl concert, I wonder if they were recording at that time? I will look into that later today, the mystery deepens!

Excellent Billboard, loads of colour and of course the Rock 'n' Roll car.
This was of course mid 90s
I saw them in the Afan Lido Port Talbot, a few miles from my home
They came back again a year or two later after which the place burnt down!!
Did they ever build it again after it burnt down Colin? A photo brought back a memory for you with this Billboard then?
No it was left and is now a carpark
The poster you showed is part of the programme they sold at the time Chris
All my programmes are somewhere in my loft along with cups and T shirts from concerts bought by my two children who came with me now and again. As I have told you before it would take weeks to find them I would guess. Port Talbot is the area, the concert hall was actually on Aberavon Beach, a place which was thriving in the 60s/70s when the miners used to holiday there.
A bit of a wasteland now sorry to say, but the beach itself is quite nice but not as nice as the many in the Gower. We have been out walking along most of them in the last few weeks.
Fabulous place, even in the rain
I saw Guy Mitchell in my home town.

In "Concert Thread" 10th May 2017

A little dark but we all loved to see them on the summer replacement show "Johnny Cash Replacement Show"

Later in 2014 Patti Everly had a fund raising concert for COPD which is the problem that her husband Phil Everly had. It was held in the home of Sylvia Roberts. Paul Simon sang and he also got Brenda Lee to sing too which was a surprise on the night for Brenda, but her and Phil had been friends a long time.

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