1963 Billboard of concerts

Never heard of the illness until about 10 years ago. I now know quite a few people who have got it and not all of them are smokers, but most are or have been. I don't think there is an actual cure for it here in Britain, not sure about the States. They can sort of arrest it but that's all.
Nice story
Watching Glastonbury at the moment
Colin I had a particularly bad chest and cough for several weeks maybe 5 years ago now and the hospital thought it could be COPD, I had no idea what it was and I said I had never smoked, but when he knew that my father did and that of course I had spent years going into venues which were smoked filled he said it could be caused by that, not directly. I was very surprised but thankfully after a few more weeks it cleared up with antibiotics.

This high profile concert that Patti held does seem to have been a great success and I take my hat off to her to do it so soon after Phil's passing, it cannot have been easy for her.
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This Billboard is quite funny, the drawing of the lady, The Mob and Monday's Men, then we have the great photo of the Everly Brothers.




I am sure looking into these billboards in more depth will give us more information about the concerts.

A couple of these are new to me.

I have not been to read them for some time but in the two books which accompany the box sets they cover most of the tours from the sixties but not in finite detail. They just say they were in Australia from and to, unless there was some specific incident during one of them. I am not sure whether wiki would have such details but no doubt a historian might. And there are still a few around I understand. Some of the rarer billboards and programmes might be valuable, I am not sure. I have only got a couple and programmes from 1984
I have researched tours and concerts and each one I put in the Forum Concert thread. If many could not be there to watch them then finding the information and sharing it here makes them come alive to us. I will continue to find out about more concerts as and when I find the time.

My time has been taken recently with finding as much information as possible for the Buddy Forum thread. Fabulous photos and information of the guitars being made for the foundation and recipients.

The concert on the night of Buddy's Star on Hollywood to celebrate him; I don't know if you are aware Colin but an album was made of it. Details and the album are on the forum thread for you to hear.
Announcement of an Everly Brother appearance at the Hotel Central in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1966.

Berlin concert 30th October 1988 - in concert thread

The Everly Brothers and Cilla Black

A brief visit from Don & Phil to Brian Matthew's Saturday Club at the beginning of their Star Scene Tour of the UK. A package show which also featured Bill J. Kramer and Cilla Black.



Photo of Cilla with Billy Kramer, Don and Phil Everly backstage at the studio of TV program, Ready, Set, Go.
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