1963 Billboard of concerts

Never heard of the illness until about 10 years ago. I now know quite a few people who have got it and not all of them are smokers, but most are or have been. I don't think there is an actual cure for it here in Britain, not sure about the States. They can sort of arrest it but that's all.
Nice story
Watching Glastonbury at the moment
Colin I had a particularly bad chest and cough for several weeks maybe 5 years ago now and the hospital thought it could be COPD, I had no idea what it was and I said I had never smoked, but when he knew that my father did and that of course I had spent years going into venues which were smoked filled he said it could be caused by that, not directly. I was very surprised but thankfully after a few more weeks it cleared up with antibiotics.

This high profile concert that Patti held does seem to have been a great success and I take my hat off to her to do it so soon after Phil's passing, it cannot have been easy for her.
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This Billboard is quite funny, the drawing of the lady, The Mob and Monday's Men, then we have the great photo of the Everly Brothers.




I am sure looking into these billboards in more depth will give us more information about the concerts.

A couple of these are new to me.
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