1963 Billboard of concerts

All the 45's of the Everly Brothers in our home were either on the London label or later on the red Warner Brothers Label. The sleeve for the London label was either black and white stripe effect or blue and white stripe effect. All of them are still in their correct sleeve just as they should beSmile

The fortunate owner of this billboard has both Everly Brothers signatures

The National Arts Centre (NAC) (French: Centre national des Arts) is a centre for the performing arts located in Ottawa, Ontario, between Elgin Street and the Rideau Canal. The National Arts Centre was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2006. ***

NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE, OPENED IN 1969 ~ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The NAC has four stages:

Southam Hall, with 2,065 seats, is the largest stage and is home to the National Arts Centre Orchestra and the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra as well as ballet and other major visiting shows and productions.

The Theatre, with 897 seats, is mostly used for theatre and dance events, plus some concerts. It is home to the English-language and French-language theatre companies.

Studio, with 250-300 seats, is a theatre venue and musical concert space suited for performances requiring a more intimate space.

The Fourth Stage, with 150 seats, opened in 2001 and was completely rebuilt in 2016-17, reopening in October, 2017. It is home to most NAC Presents concerts and a wide variety of community programming.

*** If this is not the correct location of The Everly Brothers performance, please inform by reply.
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Reunion Tour Flyer

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"Take a Message to Mary/Poor Jenny"
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