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This was at least my 10th time of trying to put this article in Forum, I am sure you will find this very interesting.
Very interesting. Thanks for posting, Chris. Les Paul was a trailblazer, and a very innovative musician. He definitely laid the groundwork for rock and roll music. Here's Wikipedia:

Several years ago I watched a very good "American Masters" on PBS on Les Paul. I hope this works for all:

or this link:
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I read the whole of the Wikipedia entry for Les Paul, it is a substantial amount to read but very worth while, a remarkable man. He played with Chet Atkins older brother Jim and gave him a Gibson Les Paul guitar and when Jim visited Chet some time after presented Chet with the guitar. Chet and Les Paul are later mentioned together for an award. I have been wondering ever since I posted this link for him and moreso now I have read the Wikipedia link if the Everly Brothers ever came across him, I feel sure they would have. I imagine Phil and him would be talking guitars for a few hours.

Well worth finding the time to read it, but I still have the other 2 links to look into. I think one may be a short version of the 2nd link.
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I am so pleased that many are viewing this thread, so much information about the Gibson guitar and of course the man who made them. The EB's connection is the 'Gibson Everly' guitar. Great links from Mary too.
Hi Chris,
So glad to see some of you "non musician fans" are interested in these (to me) fascinating topics! Will tell you more soon, just celebrating getting rid of the Nike ads for the time being...
Ricardo A-Priori
Hi Chris,
Since you seem to be interested in guitars, here’s some facts I’ve shared w / other musicians before. Hope I’m not boring the daylights out of you.

I’ve checked on the web for some time now & so far have found out the following facts about the guitars the EBs have played and helped design:

1) Gibson SJ-200s: Large “Super Jumbo” Gibsons w/”crown” inlays on the ebony fret-board, a single pick-guard, a “moustache” bridge & usually a sunburst finish. The model their dad Ike used to favor (check out the first LP cover photo of them on the motorcycle, the Johnny Cash TV show w/ Ike Everly or the original Bye Bye Love video).

Reference: 20 essential facts about the Gibson J-200 guitars

2) Gibson J-200s w/double “moustache” pickguards: Usually black or other solid color SJ-200s w/ double “moustache” tortoiseshell or solid color pick-guards Don designed to protect them from their vigorous strumming (check them out on the Instant Party LP inside photos or the Cathy’s Clown & Crying in the Rain videos + Don's gift to Albert Lee: ).


3) Gibson Everly Brothers model (J-180s ): Slightly smaller guitars w/double “moustache” pick-guards, star (instead of “crown”) inlays on the fret-board & Phil/Ike Everly designed bridge w/no pins (instead of “moustache”) to reduce string breaking (check them out on the cover photo of the Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits LP & most 60s to 70s videos, + Billy Joe Armstrong).

Reference: 20 essential facts about the Gibson J-180 guitars

4) Steinegger: What they’re currently playing, basically the same as Gibson J-180s, (the Everly D-50 was built at the request of Phil Everly as a gift for his brother’s 50th birthday in 1987. The D-50 has ebony back and sides, and is bound and inlaid with nearly a pound of solid 14 karat gold).

Reference: Robert Steinegger page

5) Transition: There are some rare instruments out there such as Gibson J-180s w/”moustache” bridges AND star inlays.


The guitar I'm showing of in my profile photo that I had specially built by Gibson in the late 60s was a strange kind of hybrid in between numbers 2) & 3); a black J-180 (a smaller body than a J-200, w/its original tortoiseshell “moustache” pick-guards) & a J-200 fingerboard (w/”crown” inlays) & bridge. It seems Dwight Yokam had the same idea some 20 or 30 years later for his Y2K model: ).

Epiphone makes Gibson (& other brand) look-alike guitars that have lower prices due to their using less expensive woods, glue & finish on their instruments.


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Ricardo A-Priori
Hi Rebecca,
I have played the song before, but haven't played it for a long time, so let me check it out & will send it to you ASAP.
Ricardo A-Priori
Ricardo that is an astonishing amount of good information from you, thank you. I have looked into a few of your links so far, only been on line a short while. I try to look at both brothers playing when we have a live video of a song. The "Wake Up Little Susie" I hadn't noticed Don's playing on that alternate version before. That was so good to watch knowing what you had said. I will work my way through all your links.
I once asked a local lad who played guitar about the Everlys playing the up strum and he just played it down with no reply which left me still not knowing. So I e-mailed Bert and asked him, like you he is a musician, his reply was two fold and gave me the answer. He said that the up strum would sound different than down obviously because they were playing the chord up, so would create a different sound and the 2nd reason? Because it looked so Rock & Roll!! Great answer. Do you agree with Bert on that point Ricardo?
I also see we have the ads back. Please don't let them be a reason for you not to come on site, you have been here forever.
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Hi Rebecca,
Got your transcription.
Detected a lot of nuances I hadn’t noticed before, so I wrote a simplified version for beginners & a “complete” version w/passing chords & all. Great song!
Will comment on the meaning of "tenor", voice harmony, etc.
Please check out my post “So Sad (to watch a good forum go bad)”
Ricardo A-Priori
Hi Chris,
Will gladly comment on up & down strumming etc. elsewhere.
Please check my post "So Sad (to watch a good forum gone bad)"...
Ricardo A-Priori
Interestingly enough in their joint careers Phil felt very constrained and was very picky about recording his songs.(Not sure what interview that's from - maybe referencing EB84 and later records.)
Overall he probably wrote fewer songs than Don.
Since he released more solo albums than did Don, maybe he just felt a certain pressure to get his songs out. My favorites from his solo years are Old Kentucky River (except for a bit too much foghorn sound), Charleston Guitar, and Words in your Eyes.
I was thinking altogether, but as you said it gets complicated with the copyright coverups. Also wasn't thinking of collaborations.
I think none of the last 3 albums had any Phil songs.
You're right - I had to look it up. In fact, on that album Some Hearts, Phil cowrote two other songs with a John Durrill - Angel of Darkness and Ride with the Wind.I had read somewhere Phil said he had nothing to do with the making of that album; you'd think he would've cared more.
I have found this small clip about Everly Gibson Guitars, the man in the clip does have a shop and is selling them, but you can see why I have posted this, it is because he has 2 Everly Gibsons and they are signed and he shows them very well.
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I just found these 2 pieces about Cleartone strings and I think it will be good link to place here with the Gibson guitar.
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