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Mary, your #88, reminds me of an article I read about Justin Hayward. Justin, loves his Gibson ES335; he calls it his "Mickey Mouse" due to the way the body of the guitar is shaped. He bought one earlier in his career and then had to sell it because he was getting "poor" again with his career. Poor thing. But he never forgot that guitar and looked forward to getting another one again. But it was elusive. He even made a trip to Michigan when he could afford the trip apparently where the Gibsons were being made. And they would not sell one to him; don't recall why they would not. Well, somehow and after more time, he was able to acquire another one and he vowed he would never let it go again.

When Justin plays that guitar, I don't want to listen to John Lodge playing his guitar (he plays a bass and is excellent in his own right); I have to listen to his separately; because Justin is a genius on that guitar. He really knows everything about it and what all he can do with it; he uses pedals and you will see him constantly turning buttons on and off that guitar. He is magic with that guitar.

He has a lot of respect for his guitars and treats them accordingly. If he finds he is not using a guitar enough in his collection, he will sell it because he wants them to be played and not sitting idly in his collection. I think I have gotten most of Justin's story correct; I would have to look for it again. The ES335 became elusive for him after he sold his original one. He persevered, however, and was able to find another one. Justin Hayward and John Lodge are still members of The Moody Blues along with Graeme Edge. They still tour in the U.S. and Europe, perhaps mainly England. The U.S. has myriads of Moody Blues fans just like the Everly Brothers have many fans in Europe.
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Fabulous signed Gibson guitar, such a great photo.

London 1980 Don gave Albert the Gibson guitar
Just got this in my e-mail:

I know I wouldn't miss it if I were somewhere nearby.
Ricardo A-Priori
You must be like a child in a sweet shop Ricardo. What a beautiful display of guitars, mandolins etc, they are so tastefully displayed.

What a fabulous mandolin that Skaggs is playing in one of your links.

I saw that the entrance fee is not too much and free for many. What a great opportunity for some to go and look at all of these, some nearly 100 years old.

:D LOL Chris. You should've seen me at Manny's, [a long time ago] where I came across none other than Stevie Wonder! [Mr Goldrich must've had to mop the floor the way I was drooling!]

Check out:


around 2:14 and 3:30

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Ricardo A-Priori
Ha ha we find in this clip with Les Paul and ZZ Top that ZZ's name is Willy/Billy, so I gather William!!!

Les Paul with Steve Howe on another clip.

Brian May with Les Paul.

Les Paul and ZZ Top spoke of Slash, so a clip of Les Paul with Slash too.
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Just watched the Billy Gibbons & Slash parts. Will watch rest later. Thanx Chris!!!!
Ricardo A-Priori
An interesting comment at around 3.30 that I feel most of us would agree with.


I saw this guitar signed by Phil and Don on eBay brought the info with the photo and accidently deleted it, when I searched again I could not find the guitar so maybe it is sold now, I do wonder what a signed guitar by the Everly Brothers goes for nowadays.

Maybe Ricardo can fill us in on the type of guitar it is.

Check through the sound hole in this guitar.

Gibson Owner's Manual

It sold for £3,000.00 on the 12th March 2015

I have read this in my National newspaper Thursday 14th September 2017 and wanted to share this with everyone. I wondered where to place it for members to read it and decided maybe this is as good as anywhere to put this.

ERIC CLAPTON may have made his living from playing the guitar but he's not so sure current musicians will be able to do the same.

Because while the 72 year old rocker admits he's far from au fait with modern music he fears guitar players could soon become a thing of the past. "I'm out of touch," he says. "I don't know what's going on. I don't know there it's gonna go either".

Having been told guitar sales in the US had dropped by a third, he adds: "My belief in music is it's all good, even the stuff that doesn't appear to be so. Maybe the guitar is over?"

Just don't tell that to Liam Gallagher after the outspoken Oasis star hit out at bands for not using the instruments properly and more specifically, those who 'wear guitars like a piece of jewellery'.

This was very sad for me to read from one of the world's guitar greats.
Do you know which guitar this is Ricardo please? Smile

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