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This is a very interesting link, see photo 11 and information which goes with it.
On site we do have some members who play guitar and this clip may be of more interest to those members. It lasts for 46:16 minutes.
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Albert Lee's 1963 Cadillac limo with Don's J200 stood up at the front.

Mini guitars how fantastic - the paypal address makes me smile and I always think of Felice and Boudleaux when I see "Rocky Top"

Phil checking a handmade guitar which Bert had made by a Dutch Luthier

Ricardo Delgado R. posted a comment on Mary's video

Re: Dwight Yoakam,

If you check out my profile photo, you can see I'm [oh so proudly!] playing my "Everly Brothers" J-185 black Gibson with J-200 "tortoise shell" pick-guards, "crown" inlayed fret-board and "moustache" bridge I had specially ordered from the Gibson factory way back in the 60s.

Apparently Mr. Yoakam had exactly the same idea sometime later. The Gibson Y2K "Dwight Yoakam" model has precisely those characteristics.

Please click below for guitar photo link [in "natural" finish]:

Dwight Yoakam with Phil at Roy Orbison's Hollywood Walk of fame

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Thanx Chris! for expanding my post.

It's actually a Gibson J-180 [not a J-185]!

I think these have black, rather than "tortoise shell", Everly Brothers pick-guards and might be J-200s; but that is what I was after:

Click below for image link:

The "sometime later" I refer to is around 30 years!


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Ricardo A-Priori
Gibson guitars are reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy, these are some links I have been reading this week.

The Independent:

Sky News:

The internet is full of the Gibson demise, let us hope that something can be resolved.

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