In the UK last week we had this news that Tesco our leading supermarket in the UK had decided to sell vinyls in 55 of it's stores as from Friday 4th September 2015. I did send a link twice but I am not sure if any members saw it. Then I saw in my National newspaper "The Daily Express" this very good article about vinyls coming back into 'fashion' for some of us they never went out of 'fashion'.
I hope everyone enjoys this article and hopefully so called retro fashion for the vinyl will become the norm. Personally I have never stopped playing vinyl. I am quite excited that it is making 'a comeback' for me it has never been away.
I was 13 when I used my own money (pocket money, weekly money given to me by my parents) to buy my first 45rpm vinyl. In the past my Dad had given me money to buy some, but this was different I had saved up and bought my own. I continued to buy singles and then albums until maybe 10 years ago, then I went onto buying cd's, vinyl's were being phased out as the main way of distributing a song. Then about 2/3 years ago I started buying vinyls again and now I have 2 very good shops that I can purchase them from.

I have always had a turntable to play them on, my husband and I bought a second hand 'Alba' from a school teacher. Then in the 70's we got a 'Music Centre', when that was failing we bought a Midi Hi-Fi - turntable, tapes, radio and cd's - this is now struggling to work and we are in the process of buying a new turntable and amplifier to go with the CD Re-writer we recently bought. This new purchase is so that we can make cd's from our most loved vinyl collection, back up in case anything happens to any vinyls!

My Everly Brothers collection is about half vinyl half cd's. I love the covers on the vinyls front and back. The difference with cd's is that they provide liner notes with lots of information about the song, quite often this is missing with vinyls.

I would love to hear from other members about their history with vinyls.
When I was 14 years old,I was bought a dansette auto change record player,I thought it was the bees knees,I was so excited.My 1st purchase was Marty Wilde singing A Teenager In Love,followed by Cliff's Move It,Mean Streak,and the rest of his number 1s.Oh such a richness of material to buy from great artists then,and never enough pocket money for the purpose,I really loved those 45s.Pity the neighbours did not enjoy Cliff so much (my teenage crush) blasted out full volume repeatedly on my Dansette.Years later I conveniently forgot my misspent youth,yelling at my sons,"turn that racket down".Guess we have all been there.Personally I was glad when the cds came along as vinyls and tapes got damaged so easily although I suppose as teenagers we were not very careful,especially sharing the 45s around for parties.Glad you are enjoying your collection Chris,all the fun is in seeking out a new gem.
I love vinyl, the popularity of which has been increasing in the USA during the last decade. It started with independent and alternative labels whose artists were popular among college audiences and now includes boomers who grew up on vinyl and want to re-purchase the classics. Unfortunately, the cost of re-issued vinyl LP is often pretty high and I can't afford to replace my extensive CD collection. I have collected a few vintage LP's over the years (and I still own a few from my childhood and adolescence), but given the portability of CD's and digital music (and my lack of storage space), I doubt I'll ever completely convert back to vinyl.
I still have a huge collection of LPs, for which I keep my (blast from the past term!) "stereo system." I still love to hold a big album cover, turn it over to read, etc. I like that it is substantial in my hand. I remember years ago when I had a baby and was at home, not able to go anywhere. I alphabetized my LPs, (but left my husbands' in his own stack! haha!) and felt a great deal of accomplishment! I may have had a colicky infant who I struggled to soothe, but, by God, I could exert control over my LPs!!! Wink
I hope your little babe was soothed by the EBs MaryGrin,what better way to drift off to sleep than listening to their rendition of the iconic dream,certainly works for me.
And they sang a few songs with 'Dream' in the title, whether together or solo, they certainly knew about dropping off to sleep!!! Then their is "Asleep" from EB84, I guess they had it covered.
Hi Chris,
I still keep ALL 41 of my Everly Brothers LP vinyls, double covers included, i.e. “Party”, “A Date With”, etc. (+ all my EPs and singles), though I don’t listen to (or should I say study) them as often as I do to the CDs, which have a better sound, don’t get scratched as easily & include songs that were never issued on vinyl (BEAR FAMILY box sets, etc.).
Can sure relate to your story of the times you first bought them... Then I went to work as a messenger @ Western Airlines, on vacation, to buy my special ordered Everly Brothers Gibson (w / J-200 parts) that my dad wouldn’t pay for (it’s the one on my forum photo).
Ricardo A-Priori
I found this article whilst looking for a song, it fits in this forum section very well.
Earlier this year when I was on a market stall looking through their album vinyl's I was asked if I was interested in buying a 'nearly new' 45rpm. He had 2 in a London sleeve, they were blue and white, my brother has many of these singles and sleeves but none in mint condition.
The man at the stall asked what I thought they were worth, I said £50-£60, he could barely contain his partial smile when he said they were worth around £300 each. I remember one was "Wake up Little Susie" but I have forgotten the other one he had. He had them both in a protective sleeve too.
I was reading through my link on my last comment. Vinyl's are making a big comeback in the UK. I am always interested hearing others thoughts and memories on vinyls. 78rpm used to break easily but 45 rpm were quite resilient to breakages, they do scratch but then so do cd's and cd's can jump with a scratch just the same as a 45rpm.
I used to have a HUGE Ev's and Roy Orbison vinyl collection from all over the world but sold them when I bought the house. Ha, the house Don, Phil and Roy built.

I then bought the CD's to get the songs, but even with a good stereo kit the songs did not sound the same. Maybe it is because for decades I had got used to the sound from vinyl that CD sounded 'lacking'. More modern technology has to a large degree addressed that but I wonder how new vinyl will sound after the digital restructure of the original recordings.

I think it will be a difficult call.

Bob as you may have seen from my previous comments, I never let my vinyls go and still buy Everly Brothers vinyls and Phil Everly solo vinyls too. I have had to go into the cd market to get many Everly Brothers or Phil Everly solo cd's too. Cd's are not the same, not the feel of them, not the sleeve or the inner sleeve either. I have 23 vinyls and probably as many cd's. I love to put my vinyls on and listen with headphones on. I appreciate that cd's have liner notes, but some of my vinyls have such a story on the back that will never be on a cd such as "The Very Best of The Everly Brothers" which is an album that was newly recorded in Nashville in 1965 with all their 'Hits' the back cover tells the story of the time that album was recorded. That will never be seen on a cd. I love my vinyls and ok they may take more space up than a cd, but they cannot be replaced.
I love to hear of other peoples stories of vinyls and hope that they may like you leave a comment here for us all to see.
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An LP purchased for $1.99 (see price tag photo for evidence!) at a used book and music store:

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That LP looks so good Mary, that is one of 6 that I purchased yesterday. Those shirts look handmade and are so beautiful to see.

I hope with me continuing to buy vinyls I am doing my bit at bringing them back to the fore.

Record players in all types are back in all the shops in the UK and artists are also bringing new material out on vinyls. My own son has quite a collection of his own, so this Christmas we bought him a new turntable. He can hear them played through speakers or put them onto a cd, or onto a computer or MP3 so versatile, it only needs his Dad to help him connect it to everything!!!
There was a substantial piece on BBC Breakfast this morning about Vinyl's I will link a few here. I still buy vinyl's mostly of the Everly Brothers.
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