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Albert Lee was on BBC Breakfast this morning - 21st September - and I thought everyone would like to see this clip. We know how many years he was connected to the Everly Brothers.
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Nice. Thanks for posting, Chris.
Somehow I missed your posting of this one, Chris. But I saw it yesterday when I "googled" Albert Lee; I love it. A true sweetheart of a man. When the attention was on him, he still diverted compliments to Eric Clapton.
Albert Lee is a wonderfully talented, unassuming humble man,I dont think he realises how good he is.He has played with many of the greats,indeed he is still touring today at the age of 71.Check out his dvd 70th birthday celebration,a 3 hour concert at Cadogan Hall London.Special guests include Bill Wyman,Chas & Dave,Shakin Stevens,Joe Brown,The Shadows,Ralph McTell and many more.Also his new cd Highwayman.Theres a number of Everly brothers hit covers,including Bye Bye Love,Hey Doll Baby,Like Strangers,Keep a Knockin',plus the title song Highwayman,a wonderful song.Altogether 12 tracks,well worth a listen,can be found on Amazon and Ebay.Smile
Marianne your comments on Albert Lee and his dvd and his new cd "Highwayman" have convinced me I really should have this dvd and cd. Marianne you could sell coal to Newcastle (I know that will not be lost on you).

These artists you mention are/were all top artists in the UK, my brother once booked Joe Brown to appear at one of his "Rock & Roll" concerts and also Marty Wild, they were both so good and still touring just the same as Albert. These and Albert Lee and the 'Shadows' have been going so long and perform so well too.

Marianne you have sold it to me. Wink
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Thanks for your comments Chris,I took delivery of the Albert Lee 70th birthday celebration today,not had chance to play it yet,I am saving it for the weekend to watch instead of the diabolical tv that is fed us sat & sun.Highwayman cd is expected tomorrow from amazon,that really is brilliant I have heard clips.Your brother obviously moves in great circles,I love both Marty Wilde,and Joe Brown.Did you know Joe Brown is an avid steam train enthusiast,I believe he started off on them before he was famous.I am afraid I am also a steam fan (sorry if Im a bore)my walls in the house bear testimony to this adorned with famous trains.My father drove steam trains out of Coventry and later Derby for over 40 years and even drove the royal train.Sorry for wittering on.
Marianne that was so good to hear, my brother in law worked for British Rail and worked out of Derby and he loves railways books and documentaries, so when the Michael Portillo Programme came on he loved it, the book to go with the series we bought for his birthday. You can 'witter' all you want, we are making a connection whilst talking Everly connections. Let us all know what you think when you have listened/watched all the way through Marianne.

My brother put on Rock & Roll concerts for over 10 years, once a month and he booked 2 artists each time, they were good nights Marianne. He gave it up 2 years ago, all profits went to charity and he raised nearly one hundred thousand pounds. He was lucky enough because of his charity work to meet some very good artists and Cliff Richard presented him with something for all his work. He is still an active member of Rock & Roll and travels to many places to listen and watch this music and boy can he Rock & Roll Marianne.
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I hesitate to question anything Albert Lee says about the Everly Brothers, but I don't think their reunion lasted for 26 years. That would make it 2009 when they retired, which can't be right. I'm sure they sang their last song together in Ipswich, England, in 2005.
Maybe Albert was including the years he played with Don alone, before the Reunion? I know he was friends with Phil before Don, but not sure if he played on stage with him too.
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I thought that exact same thing too. I have heard Albert refer to 26 years in other interviews. He did play onstage with Don before the Reunion. Maybe he is counting pre-Reunion times.
This is another interview Albert Lee has done very recently. I lengthy one too.

This interview is prior to Albert joining a 'Get together Foundation's holiday fundraising concert' at California State Universities, Northridge, on December 13th 2015.
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That's an interesting interview with Albert & brings back fond memories.
Their concert in Adelaide during the Australian Grand Prix in 85 was followed the next day by their Melbourne concert.
A group of us went to the Melbourne airport to meet the flights from Adelaide that night & that's when Don & phil signed a few of my albums along with my copy of Roger Whites "Walk Right Back". I wouldn't part with that book for any amount of money!
The concert was great & backstage more autographs were given by the full backing group including Albert. Instead of acting like a 30+ grown man I had no embarrassment at all acting like a 16 year old schoolboy.
Jopip that sounds like a dream scenario many of us would have loved to have been a part of. Meeting the Everly Brothers, getting signatures, so envious of you, you lucky man.

Have you seen the fairly new video of Amanda Ruth in video section it is from a Grand Prix in 1985 and now you have said where you were and the EB's in 1985, it has to be the same. I was thinking it was from a Grand Prix in the US but putting 2 and 2 together it has to be the one in Australia.

You were so lucky meeting them Jopip.
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Thank you for your response Chris. I have not seen a video of an Amanda Ruth performed live but would like to see that if anyone can post on this site. I don't recall the boys singing that number during their Australian concerts & would think it a difficult song to perform on stage.
I think "Aways drive a Cadillac" From the same album would also be difficult live. That is......if anything would prove difficult for them!!
Jopip, it is not a live clip of "Amanda Ruth" but an EBs' music video from 1985.
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