Albert Lee Interview BBC

Two legends together - Duane Eddy and Albert Lee

Albert Lee, Waddy Wachtel and Jerry Roe

Waddy Wachtel, Albert Lee, Rodney Crowell and Graham Nash

A member on site (MeFloody) Mike went to see Albert Lee on Tuesday 28th March 2017 in Broomsgrove, this is a brilliant story he told on the feed.

Chris, I saw him in Bromsgrove and he and the band were "On Fire"! I met a man there that knew personally, almost every heavy metal guitarist in the UK but had never heard of Albert. His son bought him a ticket for that show and he was blown-away! Then I met him with Albert after the show, the guy was like a born-again Christian; just couldn't stop singing Albert's praises.

Always good to have a first hand story from a member.

Albert Lee with his birthday cake when he was 70

Albert with his wife Karen

Albert Lee, James Burton, Amos Garrett and David Wilcox

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