Albert Lee Interview BBC

Two legends together - Duane Eddy and Albert Lee

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Albert Lee, Waddy Wachtel and Jerry Roe

Waddy Wachtel, Albert Lee, Rodney Crowell and Graham Nash

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A member on site (MeFloody) Mike went to see Albert Lee on Tuesday 28th March 2017 in Broomsgrove, this is a brilliant story he told on the feed.

"Chris, I saw him in Bromsgrove and he and the band were "On Fire"! I met a man there that knew personally, almost every heavy metal guitarist in the UK but had never heard of Albert. His son bought him a ticket for that show and he was blown-away! Then I met him with Albert after the show, the guy was like a born-again Christian; just couldn't stop singing Albert's praises".

Always good to have a first hand story from a member.
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Albert Lee with his birthday cake when he was 70

Albert with his wife Karen

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Albert Lee, James Burton, Amos Garrett and David Wilcox

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A taster of Albert's album "The Highwayman"

Marianne mentions this album and a dvd in #4 on Page 1
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Albert and Phil sharing a joke whilst Don is concentrating on singing, probably his solo lines.

Fabulous photo of a younger Albert

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Interview conducted with Grammy Award-winning British guitarist ALBERT LEE conducted at the Porgy & Bess club in Vienna on 4 October 2016. We talked with the multiple recipient of Guitar Player magazine's Best Country Guitarist award about his current tour, the music business, and his love for the guitar and piano playing. We would like to thank Jim Cowan (Jim Cowan Management), David and Christoph Huber at the Porgy & Bess club in Vienna.

Albert briefly mentions The Everly Brothers after 10 min mark but states that it was a memorable concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
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His album Hiding is very good
I have got a vinyl when he was with Head Hands and Feet from many years ago when Chas Hodges was the base player. I think it was around the time that Don recorded a solo album with Tony Colton as producer. He was with this band as well. I believe Don did not get on very well with him. I have no idea what the guy has done since or if he is still with us
On Saturday the 12th of August 2017 Albert Lee performed a small concert in Shenandoah and an Everly Member - Sharon was there to watch him. She has taken many photos and said that she would like them posting for her.

This is from Sharon: "Albert Lee played in Shenandoah last night, a fund raiser for the Everly house. He played several EB songs, Let It Be Me, Price of Love, Dream etc...he sounded great, stayed and signed CDs after the show, it was a fun time".

The photos above are some which Albert signed for Sharon.

The Depot is also selling these posters to help raise money for the Everly house. It is on the door of the little house in Shenandoah.

Sharon Knezevich
This poster is available at The Depot,or thru the Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce for $20..its large 24"x36".

Back of a bed at the little house in Shenandoah.

This billboard advertising another event in Shenandoah (Shenfest) on the 23rd September 2017

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When they appeared in Port Talbot about 20 years ago Albert came out before the show and was talking to a group of followers for quite a long time. I sort of joined in but it was difficult to ask him anything.
It was the tour with Duane Eddy. He just seemed to be a down to earth guy but amazing how many albums he has played on over the years. Featured on all the Emmylou, Rosanne and Crowell albums in their early years
A fine musician
Some new photos of Albert Lee

This is a nice video clip of Albert Lee Musical Biography with plenty of photos.

The 2nd clip starts with a really good Country/soft rock song, really enjoyable from the start, a length of 55:41 minutes.
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