Fantasy Reunion song

I have just been going through this thread and reading again what everyone chose, how I wish some of these songs had been sung at the Reunion.

Marion/Gloria do you have a favourite which you wished they had sung at the Reunion Concert?
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I would pick "So it always will be" and place it after "Walk Right Back" and "No one can make my sunshine smile" after "Temptation". My favourite the wonderful "Kentucky" could go anywhere but maybe after "Love is Strange".

I know I've already chosen and I would of course always choose "Kentucky" first but "Don't Ask Me to Be Friends" and "Always It's You" belong in there somewhere. Their body of work is so huge and so brilliant that we're spoilt for choice aren't we?
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Tough one for me Chris. I would have to go with "Kentucky" and "Bowling Green". Almost impossible to make a choice, I love all of their music. "When Will I Be Loved" is my favorite song , and after that I break into so many categories it becomes almost impossible to pick a song.
I had to bring the dvd list here Lynda so that I could see where your choices fitted in.

Walk Right Back
Crying in the rain
Cathy's Clown
Love is Strange
MEDLEY: Take a Message to Mary/Maybe Tomorrow/I Wonder if I Care as Much
When Will I be loved
Bird Dog
Songs our Daddy taught us: Barbara Allen, Put my Little Shoes Away, Long Time Gone, Step it up and Go.
Bye, Bye Love
Wake up Little Susie
MEDLEY: Devoted to you/Ebony Eyes/Love Hurts
(Til') I Kissed you
All I have to do is dream
Let It Be Me

Kentucky after "Love is Strange" would be a good place for it. Thinking of others you mention, "Don't Ask me to be Friends" and "Always it's You" - 'Friends' I have always had a soft spot for that song.

You know what I am thinking now? We have read so many times that they did 2 or 3 sets in one night, what we needed Phil and Don to do at the Reunion was to do an extra one hour after a 20 minute toilet and drink break!!

I loved them singing one of my early favourites "Maybe Tomorrow" and I would have liked the full song but just to hear them sing a part of it live I was in heaven. I played it twice today on "The Ballads" cd.
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So many of my favorites have been mentioned here, but there is one that I do love and would have very much enjoyed: "Love of My Life"!!!
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