Rock Hall - Cleveland October 2014

I am not sure we have saved this article anywhere before, but I will post it here now and if anyone who went to The "Rock Hall" in Cleveland they can leave their memories of that night here too, or anything else attached to that tribute in October 2014.

Fantastic slide show of 24 photos, very clear, excellent colour.
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Thanks. Good to get this archived here as it is of great importance. I didn't see all of it but there were some great names there, though I am not a big lover of Graham Nash. Was that Vince Gill there as well?

Hi Bob. Yes Vince Gill, Rodney Crowell and many more. Great that Don actually performed but it was just so sad that it came too late for Phil.
Bob I know that a few members went to the Cleveland Tribute last October. I think with this thread here they can now leave their comments on how much they enjoyed the tribute. If they had some personal photos that they feel they can share this is the place where they can now attach them to.
I am in the UK as is Lynda Gribbon, for me the night in October was a frantic time trying to get anything I could live as it was happening. I was away for the weekend so that made it all the more difficult, I was trying to log into anything that would let me see what was happening. The reality was that I had to wait until I got home and searched on line for everything that happened 24 hours earlier. Such a frustrating time for me but I eventually got to see it all.
The saddest part for me was that Phil was not there. I feel sure his presence was felt.
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Hi Chris, here is the comment I made in the other area re the Tribute to the Everly Brothers in Cleveland, "This photo was taken at the VIP party, (at the Hard Rock Cafe), immediately following the concert. We all took turns sitting with them and sharing old stories. Don was very gracious. The tribute concert was awesome. Patti and Jason came down the back elevator for some party food, but didn't stay long. My favorite person that night? Albert Lee. He is an incredible human being!" I was in the second row for the concert. It was great fun looking up at the Everly box above me and seeing Phil's granddaughters "boogying" to the music.
Stay tuned for my memoir, That Girl in the Photo, soon to be ready for publication.

Bottom Photo: Waddy Wachtel (former EBs band member), Patti Everly, Rodney Crowell at the EBs Tribute Concert, October 2014.
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Great photos, lovely to see Patti there too, I know Jason, his wife and children were also there.

Just good to see a photo from Phil's family to represent him getting the award with Don.
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The Rock Hall Logo is also on the T-shirt I got from the Tribute concert in October 2014

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Rock Hall Music Masters Tribute October 2014
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I had thought about putting the photo of me wearing the "Rock Hall" Cleveland T shirt from October 2014 into this thread. Should I take a photo of the T shirt without me in it? lol
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Albert is talking on stage and he sings a song, towards the end he talks about performing at the "Rock Hall" Cleveland tribute to the Everly Brothers in October 2014.
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Cleveland Rock Hall of Fame.

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Me in my Cleveland Rock Hall Tribute 2014 T Shirt, I would like to point out that Lynda also has one of these, possibly just the two of us in the UK.

I was in New York in May 2016 and I brought this T Shirt back to the US so that I could have my photo taken in it whilst I was there. I am in the hotel room and the Taxis etc can be seen below, the 18th floor with the low window threshold seemed very high. Thank goodness for toughened/laminated glass!! Smile
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And very proud I am of it too, Chris. Unfortunately I haven't been to America to wear it!! I'm saving it for a special occasion.
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