Ike and Margaret Everly

More photos from "The Mike Douglas Show," August 1967. Don and Phil were guests when they were surprised with Ike and Margaret showing up!

Audio only.
Margaret with Billy and his wife at an Homecoming concert

By jove, Margaret is wearing boots at 97! If she can do it, so can a lot of us, who aren't close to 97! But I bet she has lovely feet and not boney ones. Those are some cool-looking boots.


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1971, London.

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The Everly table, upper right corner. Don seated directly in front of the fireplace, Margaret, Ike, and Phil to his left, on the right side of the fireplace looking at the photo. I think it is Mary Sue Everly between Don and Margaret, with her dark hair up.

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I can not really make out if that is Mary Sue Everly in the photo Mary. Very difficult for me to make out her face but it makes sense she would accompany Don.
Mary is that June Carter in the center table with "Getty Images" printed across her skirt?

"This could be the first Everly Brothers Band they performed with in the late '40's. Buddy Morris, Jeanie Sanders, Eddie Comer, Ike Everly. Traveled the region playing for dances. I've had this for a while at the Depot but I'm digging stuff out for a presentation at the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake (IA) next weekend."

-- Bill Hillman, Shenandoah, IA, late January 2017

(The Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, IA coincides with the anniversary/honoring of "The Day The Music Died," the last concert before the Feb. 3, 1959 plane crash of Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens.)
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Ike joined his sons twice on their ABC-TV show "Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers" in the summer of 1970. The first episode which aired July 8, 1970, and the final episode which aired Sept. 16, 1970.
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I have looked on several occasions for a YouTube version of Ike performing Sure Looking Good To Me but have never found it. So glad the Everlys did it on their replacement show. Ike had a very good voice; no wonder the sons had good voices.
This looks like Don is getting a haircut. This is another time he looks so much like his brother. Hope I am correct thinking this is Don.

Hilarious! Ike: Watcha' think, Margaret? A little more in the back? Margaret: Yes, and I am gonna work on the top! Don: Don't touch the pomp and the curls! I hope I have some hair left when you two are done.

A little father-son chat.

June 2017, Nashville. Margaret with radio host Donald Caldwell. From Facebook:
"Me and Margaret Everly (The Everly Brother's Mama.) Margaret is going to do a tribute to her boys Phil and Don with me on "The Keeping It Country Show: A Tribute to The Everly Brothers!" "
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