The EBs' childhood

Wonder what Phil was doing with his left arm and what Don was doing with his right arm? Smile Photos like this do get me wondering about the "other" arms and hands. Dangling or behind their backs? The shirts Don and Phil are wearing in this photo remind me a lot of the shirt Don wore later in his life. He just could not forget that shirt, I guess. I wonder if Margaret still has these shirts? I saw Don's shirt (from later life days) in a display online at one time but I don't recall where it was on display. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or at the Everly Brothers' Museum in Shenandoah?

October 1950.

The background story to this pic: the photo appeared in a KMA Guide, the ad was published in The Malvern (IA) Leader Nov. 11, 1947. Malvern is about 30 miles north of Shenandoah.
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