The EBs in the U.S. Marines

Don and Phil served in the U.S. Marines Corps Reserves from November 1961 to May 1962, stationed at Camp Pendleton in California.

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Many older members will know that I took a strong magnifying glass to the photo of them lined up with the rest of the men "Can you spot the Everlys"

My answer was "I feel quite certain, as much as I can be" that: -

2nd Row from the top, right hand side line, Don is the 2nd one in

3rd Row from the top, left hand side line, Phil is the 5th one in (next to the whites)

Maybe this could have been in 'quizzes' or 'poll' only just had that thought.
Impressive, Chris, on the "Can You Spot The Everlys." I tried, and failed! Smile
Good eye Chris, I am impressed also.
I have tried and could never spot them.
I have not got a hope Chris,even with reading glasses on,and my super duper magnifier.
Yeah, Chris, where did you find that magnifier? I want to get one just like it. Maybe I will need one with even more magnification.
Yowza, nothing like seeing those two dressed in their uniforms. Even their fatigues were sexy looking on them. I am sure they both worked up quite a bit of sweat spit-shining those shoes (did they spit shine the boots too?) but they still looked sexy.

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Here's the link, per Lenore:
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Fellow Marines--Semper Fi!
Discussions regarding the Everly Brothers Marine Reserve obligations.
Some of these I had known, a lot I did not know, and a lot of surprising ones.
I did not check to see if the others here (not Don and Phil, of course) were on the other list. But I recall Lee Marvin was on the other list.
This was very interesting to read; not all pages are posted here. I would not mind having that book.
The Everlys are on November 25.
Crying in the Rain Song Facts; I think I might have posted these song facts when I nominated Crying in the Rain for song of the month in May or June 2015.
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