The EBs in the U.S. Marines

Performing "Crying In The Rain," in their U.S. Marines' uniforms on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Not the U.S. Army, but the U.S. Marines!
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I think Don is the second one in this photo; Phil is a little bit harder to detect. He could have been behind Don or the next to the last one in this photo. I have never seen this photo before; found it in on Tumblr.

On Nov. 25, 1961, The EBs began a six- month stint in the US Marine Corps Reserves as part of the 8th Battalion during their enlistment as artillerymen.

Don, Joey Paige, and Phil.
Love the last photo! Great one, Mary. I have never seen this photo before. I can't believe we have a photo with these three in that foxhole. I am sure the Everlys and Joey Paige were happy to be together at the same time during their Marine stint. Maybe not so much being in the Marines but being together.
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