Since January reminds us of Phil's passing two years ago, many of us feel very sad. But it is also the month of his birth! So perhaps we can celebrate his wonderful legacy by posting, just for this month, our favorite photo, song, video, quote, or incident related to Philip! I think it would bless and cheer us to view these treasured moments in the Forum! The difficult part may be choosing, but, hey, who says it can only be one thing??

One of my "Phil favorites" is the second verse in the song, "Dare To Dream Again", composed solely by himself, recorded in 1980. (He said this in relation to that particular song: "... It’s no good to sing things that you think have meaning and have no one to hear it. I’m not interested in that. It really is important that it is widespread. Otherwise it’s not valid.”)

The words from the 2nd verse really touch me! It is valid to me! This is truly my favorite:

"I love you
I give myself completely
To this love I know will never end
You and I
Will go on forever
‘Cause without you I know I’ll never
Dare to dream again"
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This is such a good song from Phil. "Louise" - is she fact or fiction he asks? "Don't leave me on my own now" Never Phil.

Even though I have watched the"Louise" video many times, I just now got a jolt seeing it, because it is as if you are in the same space with him, physically very close to him! Love it, and also his fret work during the bridge is wonderful too! Thank you, Chris!

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I am listening to "Words in Your Eyes" whilst looking at those photos Mary has posted of Phil, nearly in tears.

Stunning photos of a beautiful man.


"Sweet Pretender" how Phil says the word 'sigh' it makes me think of Lynda when she says sigh at photos of Phil.
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That last photo that you have added Mary is superb, such a big laughing moment, that jacket is a gorgeous tweed.
In this brief interview, Phil displays his humor and grace in the face of really silly, frivolous questions! And he looks so very gorgeous besides! /www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzZqFuLWUFs
I watch this interview many times on site. I like how Phil answers them, I mentioned this interview this week, you never knew what answer Phil would give. He was his own man and wouldn't be railroaded into giving them the answers they seeked.

The link didn't work for me Gloria but I Googled it then saw which it was from the site.

He is very courteous nonetheless, we never expected any less of the Brothers in interviews.
Gloria, can you check the link in your last thread...it is not working. Would love to see it. Thanks a bunch!

Hope this works! I have never tried posting a photo in Forum. It has become one of my favorites of Phil with the Everly guitar.
One of my new favourites Lenore, stunning.
Love that photo you brought in! Thank you!
Re: the interview I mentioned: Try this - Go to You Tube and write in
"Phil Everly Interview (1971) - Sub. Español".
Hope you can view it!
Some of my favorite pics of Phil.
Two more favorites. He had such a great smile.

OH WOW! WOW! WOW! These are really breathtaking! Takes my breath away!
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