It was really nice of you to post a lasting comment about Glen Campbell in a Forum thread Gloria, the same as you did for Chuck Berry, who we also lost not too long ago.

The Morning Pointe Foundation Presents 'An Evening with Kim Campbell', wife of country music legend, Glen Campbell. (Attached)

Also Glen Campbell's farewell tour. (Attached)

His singing seemed effortless, he was so good.
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In the spirit of tribute to Glen Campbell and his collaborations with the Everly Brothers, Phil and Don sing "Bowling Green" with Glen Campbell live in the clip below. Later there may be a better quality version, but this suits the moment in view of Glen's passing on August 8, 2017. (see page 43 #643-645 and page 44 #646)

There are other songs of the Everly Brothers that Glen covered, such as "Barbara Allen", currently in the FORUM thread, Everly Songs, (page 48 #714), "All I Have To Do Is Dream", and "Let It Be Me".

Not the best quality video, but hopefully it can enjoyed for what it is. Just click an scroll down:

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On the flip side (to the previous Quote # 647), the Everly Brothers recorded "Less Of Me", composed by Glen Campbell, heard on their Roots album on which Glen was a guitarist:

RECORDING of "Less of Me" by the Everlys:

The inspiring lyrics written by Glen Campbell:

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Thanks for posting the "Bowling Green" clip Gloria, straight after the Glen Campbell tribute was a fitting position for it, it was getting late in the UK when I came across it but it was just wonderful to see the clip.

I will be looking forward to seeing it in videos when it is ready for releasing.

Phil Everly singing solo - "Bowling Green"

"This was a studio demo. It was never intended to be released. They used this version to perfect the version they eventually released on the LP..." by Capt. Nice (fan)


Some fan comments of this recording:
"very nice stripped down version, and always nice to hear Phil's voice"
"Truly miss this guy . Harmony can't be touched."
"I LOVE this!!! Miss Phil!!! Keep on singing!!! From a Ky woman!!!!"

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Chris has shared this regarding the composing of "Bowling Green" involving Terry Slater:

Phil Everly stated that "Bowling Green comes from a guitar riff I was showing Terry, and he wrote this melody. It was the first thing we knocked off together. That came alive on the demo. It went to #1 in Canada but it only did 40s in the US. I always thought that since it had gone to #1 in Canada it could have done well here. But I don't think that Warner Bros had much faith in us at the time, which is a shame. The song gets a lot of covers."

As a credit for Terry Slater a-ha performed Bowling green just before the final encore... at their last ever concert in Oslo at 04.12.10, their second-last live song ever for their first manager. a-ha have admired the Everly Brothers and covered several of their songs, most notably, "Crying In The Rain".

Live Video of a-ha performing "Bowling Green":

Phil and Terry back in the day

Phil and two members of a-ha 2004
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Morten Harket with Phil, the singer of the group a-ha, Phil has his trade mark great big smile.

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The photo that Chris posted in #652 is the perfect intro to the following video.

Morten Harket plays a moving Tribute to Phil Everly on the guitar that Phil gave him when he was first starting out with A-Ha. This video was filmed at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.


Morten's tribute is very special and indeed moving!

Gloria I had thought for a long time that I had posted this song from Morten Harket a good while ago, which as you say was a tribute to Phil, I was wrong I hadn't. I have now rectified that and posted it into videos.
The concert held in the evening of the Buddy Holly Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, a lot of the artists sang a Buddy song which were put onto an album, see Forum Thread "Buddy Star Day/Night/F.Guitar".

Chris Isaak sang "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" and this is what was said after:

Chris Isaak's "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" has us all, well crying and hoping that he won't stop singing. Chris, though, confesses to experiencing a different emotion. At song’s end, he looks at the audience, points to Phil Everly sitting at the front table, and says, “If you don't think that’s nerve-wracking to sing that for Phil Everly, I dare you to come up here.”
Chris Isaak had and still has so much admiration for Phil, he was in awe of him each time they met and Chris always thought that Phil would not remember him from the time previous but of course Phil did and eventually put Chris Isaak at ease by telling him that he did indeed remember him. It is a nice story.

If you notice Chris at the Buddy evening concert when the ensemble sing "That'll be the Day" you will see how many times he glances over at Phil to make sure that he is Okay and Phil pulls him in to the microphone at one point too, very nice interaction.
There are often small, but interesting details that are missed when watching videos, reading information, or listening to recordings. The advantage on this site is that often members indicate special moments, features , perspective that might be lost on others.

The video and quote in #655 is a jewel that can be well appreciated! That was quite a sincere, respectful, and unsolicited comment from Chris Isaac.

More photos from the Buddy Holly Tribute:

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BIRTH OF THE KEESTONE FAMILY SINGERS, a continuation of Quote @643, page 43.

It has been reported that between 1957 and 1962, the Everly Brothers earned more than $35 million in record sales. By 1961, the brothers began to resent the fact that not only did Acuff-Rose own the rights to all of their music recorded to date, it also owned the rights to all future songs they wrote as the Everly Brothers. They also realized that most of the top songwriters in Nashville at that time, including those responsible for writing many of their hits, were under contract with Acuff-Rose.

When they tried to write songs under the name “Jimmy Howard,” Acuff-Rose found out and successfully sued for control of those songs, too. In an effort to get out from under Acuff-Rose, the brothers formed their own label, Calliope Records, and pursued separate projects.

Phil Everly formed a short-lived group, Keestone Family Singers, with Glen Campbell and Carole King, and recorded one single, “Cornbread and Chitlings” backed with “Melodrama.” Although we have not found these songs commercially available, we have seen copies available at online auction sites. (Rapid City Journal, February, 2014)

Due to the rarity of copies of this single record with the only songs recorded by Phil, Glen, and Carole, The Keestone Family Singers, online prices have ranged from $10-%50. That nay have change since the record became popular in 2014 when Phil passed away, and now with the death of Glen Campbell.

AUDIO RECORDINGS CAN BE HEARD in Quote #643 on page 43.

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Phil Everly's collaborations with other artists yield some wonderful musical results.
Phil's friendship and interactions with Warren Zevon provide such an example.

During the early 1970s, Zevon toured regularly with the Everly Brothers as keyboard player, band leader, and musical coordinator. Later during the same decade, he toured and recorded with Don Everly and Phil Everly separately. He collaborated with Jackson Browne, who produced and promoted Zevon's self-titled major-label debut in 1976. The Warren Zevon album was only a modest commercial success, but it was later termed a masterpiece in the first edition of the Rolling Stone Record Guide and is cited in the book's most recently revised (November 2004) edition as Zevon's most realized work.

Warren's Phil Memory (from an interview in London for an Everly Brother's documentary:
"I remember him saying, 'Why don't you guys write a dance song for me, and, call it Werewolves of London'. We didn't know what he meant, but we did [it]. Of course, Werewolves of London turned out to be a kind of a big international hit for me - thank you. So it was Phil's idea entirely."


RECORDING of "Hasten Down the Wind" with harmony by Phil Everly:

RECORDING of "Frank and Jesse James" with harmony by Phil Everly:

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In relation to the information about The Keestone Family Singers (page 44 #658), this detail was left out:

The Keestone Family features Glen Campbell, Phil Everly, and Carole King. Their song, "Cornbread and Chitlings" is a parody of the Kingston Trio's 1959 hit, "Raspberries, Strawberries." Instead of the good wines of Paris, France, it's about the cornbread and chitlin's of PARIS, TEXAS.

Kingstone Trio - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD3CqdKo35s

Keestone Family - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD3CqdKo35s

(Must have been a hilarious time in that recording studio!)

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