Thank you for posting it to begin with!

Hope I don't start sounding like the Everly Police, just trying to clarify things...

Ricardo A-Priori
The Everly Brothers are all about music: vocal, instrumental, composition, arrangement, recording, producing, and performing.

Therefore, your input, Ricardo, especially your technical contribution, is valuable. Some of us are on the pleasure side - listening to recordings and watching videos; some have been even more blessed to have experienced live Everly performances or have visited different places dedicated to the Everly Brothers' legacy. There is a diverse amount of data to share!

This may be a long response to your brief comment in #676, but I believe that we can all participate in various and legitimate ways. We do appreciate your insights, clarifications, and professional opinions regarding music.

The variety of threads here usually provides interesting and fascinating information that continues to grow. It would be wonderful if Everly family members would provide clarifications or anecdotes from time to time, so there wouldn't such a dependency on 2nd hand knowledge.

So, thank you very much, Brother, for protecting the validity of this website.
(Pues, muchas gracias, Hermano, por mantener la validez del aspecto musical aqui)

(I still like chocolate guitars!)
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NO MORE AUGUST??? (August 31, 2017)


Phil sang this song, "33rd of August", on the Everly Brothers Summer Replacement Show for Johnny Cash.
The television program, Show 3, aired on July 22, 1970, with Neil Diamond, the Statler Brothers, Evie Sands, and Fred Smoot as guests.

"33rd of August" was written by Mikey Newbury (who also did a recording of it) and recorded by David Allen Coe.

Phil performed a shorter version of the song. as was done to fit the parameters of the TV show.


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The lyrics Phil Everly used for his performance of "33rd of August" (Everly Brothers' Summer Show 1970)
(Reference #678)

Today there's no salvation
The band's packed up and gone
Left me standing with my penny in my hand
There's a big crowd at the station where a blind man sings his songs
But he can see what they can't understand

Its the thirty-third of August and I'm finally touchin' down
Eight days from Sunday finds me Saturday bound

Once I stumbled through the darkness tumbled to my knees
A thousand voices screamin' in my brain
Woke up in a squad car busted down for vagrancy
Outside my cell as sure as hell it looked like rain

Its the thirty-third of August and I'm finally touchin' down
Eight days from Sunday finds me Saturday bound

Its the thirty-third of August and I'm finally touchin' down
Eight days from Sunday find me Saturday bound

Today, September 2, could be the 33rd of August.

Phil's choice of song to sing, "33rd of August", on the 3rd Episode of the Everly Brothers Summer Show-1970 (as replacement for the regular season Johnny Cash Show) is unusual, due to its somber tone in melody and lyrics.

"The Thirty-Third of August" by singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury appears on his concept album, Looks Like Rain (1969). This album is widely considered Newbury's first real recording and represents a peak in the singer-songwriter movement, especially for Nashville. The sound and style of the record would be highly influential during the Outlaw Movement during country music in the 1970s, especially on albums by David Allan Coe and Waylon Jennings. Allmusic's review of the album concludes: "Looks Like Rain is so fine, so mysterious in its pace, dimension, quark strangeness and charm, it defies any attempt at strict categorization or criticism; a rare work of genius."

RECORDING by Newbury:

The "Thirty-Third of August" was one of the top 3 tracks from the album, newly released in 1969. This particular song was recprded by Waylon Jennnings in 1970, by Joan Baez in 1971, and by David Allen Coe in 1974. (Coe, a singer-songwriter spent much of his youth in reform school and prison. He later gave concerts in penitentiaries, and "33rd of August" was one of he songs he performed).

The original lyrics seem like a prayer starting with, "Lord, today there's no salvation..." and ending with this last verse:

But now I put my dangerous feelings under lock and chain
Guess I killed my violent nature with a smile
Though the demons danced and sung their songs within my fevered brain
Not all my God-like thoughts Lord were defiled

Phil Everly's cover tells the story simply and seriously, while conveying the situation of a presumable addict, which he softens with his voice. (reference #678)
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With some of the background behind Phil Everly's singing of "33rd of August" understood (see #678-690), there is a similar theme in the song, "Down In Dallas"'

(In 2009 Phil Everly co-wrote with Ken Harrell and AJ Masters, "Down In Dallas", a touching song that evokes some of the sentiments of "33rd of August", but from the point of view of a loved one witnessing the demise of a parent. Phil provides harmony on the track.

(SEE page 19 #682 for recording and lyrics)

(left to right -AJ Masters, Ken Harrell, Phil Everly)
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"The 33rd of August" has always intrigued me, but I have to admit I have never delved any deeper to find the information which you have Gloria.

#680 Mickey Newbury singing the song he wrote they are quite strong lyrics, he was a "Wordsmith" indeed, much the same as Phil was with words in the songs he wrote.

I would have liked to have heard Phil sing the whole song on an album of his, the same as the song "Something" which he also sang on Johnny Cash Summer Replacement shows.
Monday, September 4,2017 is Labor Day, a national holiday in the USA. It is a day to honor workers and also a "symbolic end of Summer". Those of us in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, are starting to say good-bye to summer as the weather is slowly beginning to change to autumn.

For those who would like to hang on to the warmth, freedom, and fun often associated with summertime. Phil Everly's song, "Summershine" may please you.

A'sparkling' arrangement with Phil harmonizing with his own voice. Bittersweet sentiments are in the lyrics. Delightphil listening!

Audio Recording:

As a single, "Summershine" was co-composed and co-produced by Phil Everly and Terry Slater and released in August of 1984.

"Summershine" is track #4 on Phil Everly's album, PHIL'S DINER (USA release)/THERE'S NOTHING TOO GOOD FOR MY BABY (UK release) December, 1974.

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With the season of summer winding down in a variety of weather changes, cooler in some areas, and even where lower temps might be expected, there may be a resurgence of hot weather(like here in Rochester NY it went up to 80 degrees and tomorrow the high 57 (around 57 Celsius and 14 Celsius).

Seasonal anomalies are common and bring to mind, Phil Everly's song, "January Butterfly". Butterflies in the northern climes would certainly be phenomenal. Phil uses the idea to illustrate the unique wonder that love can bring to one's heart. the words paint beautiphil imagery.

For Phil this is rather a different type of melody and orchestration that enhance the lyrics in this recording. His voice does the rest:


"...you're a lover's dream..."

"January Butterfly" co-written by Phil Every and Warren Zevon on Phil's album, Mystic Line
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That is a beautiPhil photo, Phil is certainly dreaming in the clouds. Heavenly.

We have several species of birds getting ready to migrate, about 100 had accumulated on telephone wires and were chattering away to each other for several minutes then one of them twitched and they all flew away together.
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Along with the information about Dave Rich, country singer associated with Billy Harlan, Ike Everly, the Everly Brothers and many of their contemporaries, the mention of his son, Enoch David Rich, a minister in Central City, Kentucky. David Rich's name appears in the threads Homecoming (page 13, #181,182,183) and Everly Press from Beginning to mid-60s (page 3, #34).

Pastor Rich was the officiant at the Muhlenberg County Memorial Service dedicated to Phil Everly. With tributes and songs by relatives and friends, the service was held on January 18, 2014, the day before what would have been Phil's 75th birthday.

This video is posted elsewhere on this site, but for the convenience of viewers and since the tribute has been mentioned a few times in the Forum, it is being shown here.


beautiful artist's concept of Phillip reflecting the tributes spoken at Memorial Service
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Phil Everly composed "Made To Love" in 1959, at age 20. The song was released by The Everly Brothers by Warner Brothers in 1960 on their album A Date With The Everly Brothers. Phil made a demo of his song in 1959. The demo was included in a future album, Too Good To Be True.

RECORDING of Demo by Phil Everly - 1959:


"Made To Love"

My father looked at me one day
Said "Son, it's plain to see
That you're getting older
And should have a talk with me
You'll soon be going on lots of dates
As to a man you grow
And there's one important thing
Every boy should know:

Girls, girls, girls were made to love
Girls, girls, girls were made to love
That's why some have eyes of blue
That's why some stand five feet two
Girls, girls, girls were made to love"

"One day soon you'll have a date
And you’ll take her home that night
You'll wonder as you look at her,
Would a kiss be right?
The more you look, the more you'll find
Those doubts will fill your head
But think real hard and you might recall
The things your old dad said:

Girls, girls, girls were made to love
Girls, girls, girls were made to love
That's why you watch 'em walk down the street
That's why their kisses taste awfully sweet
Girls, girls, girls were made to love"
Love, love, love, love, love, love,
Love, love, love…
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A live performance of Phil singing "Love Angel"

"Love Angel" electric, energetic performance by Phil Everly! See video in #689!

Fans' comments about this song:

"Thanks for posting this great song and video. I hope everyone knows that this [song] is a PHIL SOLO from the 70's. If you think the recorded version is good... you should have seen him perform it live!!!! This man could put on one h--- of a concert all by himself. Too bad more people did not get to see him back then... even worse it is a shame these concerts were not recorded on video except for bits & pieces of them! The Everly's together are great, but Phil was a outstanding solo artist too!" (norsky)

"A fabulous song from Phil Everly, those 'noises' he makes WoW, love it. Fantastic singer." (r2d2)

"super hot!!!!!" (kathy m)

"I melt when I hear Phil sing this song. Love Love it." (JL)

"an angel of fire, song, and love - Phillip" (GP)

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