I found this piece in Norwegian and the computer translated it into English although it is not how we would write it, but I am sure you can all make it outSmile Several misspelling's too.

In this it is stated that Phil gave them the guitars which is what I have read several times in different publications.

A-ha cares over Phil Everly's death

A-ha boys Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Paul Waaktar take care of his friend Phil Everly.

One half of the legendary band Everly Brothers, who died night to Saturday.

"We were lucky enough in our lives to know Phil Everly a little and we hope some of his dry humor and generosity are infected with all of us. His sweet voice will be badly missed.

It writes a-ha on its websites Saturday afternoon 4th January 2014.

Everly tribute begins with the text line "I'll do my crying in the rain" known from the song with almost the same name.

A-ha even got a big hit with the Everly Brothers song "Crying in the Rain" in 1990, the song was 11 weeks on the VG list and reached the top.

The band writes that their thoughts go to Everlight's closest family, and they want to remind the musician with pleasure.

"A big branch has fallen, but together, or apart, Everly Brothers has contributed to music that continues to inspire and fascinate new generations of music lovers around the world.

The family is broken -

Phil Everly was 74 years old. According to the artist's wife Patti, the man died of a pulmonary disease that was the result of a life with cigarette smoking.

"He fought hard and for a long time. We are completely broken, "Patti Everly told the Los Angeles Times newspaper .

On an a-ha fanside, an excerpt from an interview with Magne Furuholmen from 2010 has been published.

Our manager Terry Slater played bass in Everly Brothers in the 1960s and was close friend of Phil Everly. He was also the manager of them at their comeback at Royal Albert Hall in 1984, where we met Everly Brothers for the first time, Furuholmen said to the fans side at the time.

The Christmas after, in 1985, Phil Everly gave a gift a-ha boys really appreciated:

He gave us each our Everly Brothers guitar that was made of the same tree! Like big Beatles fans who had grown up with and knew how influential Everly Brothers had been for the early Beatles sound, we thought it might be a nice gesture to covre one of their hits, Magne Furuholmen told an interview in 2010.

During his closing event in Oslo, December 4, 2010, the a-ha Everly Brothers song "Bowling Green" played in honor of his manager Terry Slater, who co-wrote the song in 1967.
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S0LlD G0LD: The Dionne Warwick Collection 2-DVD Set [SG1101272]

This set has all the artist appearances for 1980-84, the years that Dionne Warwick hosted Solid Gold, a very popular TV variety show. The set contains DionnE's famous solo hits and the duets she sang with her guests, including Glenn Campbell, Andrae Crouch, Natalie Cole, Ronnie Milsap, Smokey Robinson, and PHIL EVERLY, among others.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO with VISUAL -not audio- briefly highlights each episode, 1980-84. Phil's segment occurs @ 1:35

Phil's appearance featured him singing his 1980 hit, "DARE TO DREAM AGAIN", in addition to his 4 song duet of Everly Brothers songs with Dionne. The end of their rendition of "All I Have to Do Is Dream" is fantastic!

The entire Phil Everly episode on SOLID GOLD can be found in the Forum thread Shindig, Hullabaloo... on page 3 #45, and also in this thread.

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Dutch tv interviewed Phil and his son Jason in 2004, there is such a good connection with father and son, there looks to be such a good bond between them, lovely to see.

The clip last just over 10 minutes.

Continuing with #708 and the Dutch interview with Phil and his song Jason. These are photos from the video clip.

Jason Everly has many similarities to his father, Phil, in personality, talent, and career. as seen in the video in #708.

Jason's primary career highlight was in the Philippines where he was a major star in TV, film, and records!

It is fascinating to follow his career and see some parallels. In the duo aspect, like his father and Uncle Don, Jason had a strong partner as well- Donna Cruz with whom he sang and starred in movies, videos, and soap opera.

"Wish" Official Music Video - Donna Cruz and Jason Everly

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Jason seems to have Phil's long legs too! We get to see them early in the clip as he walks towards his father at the door. The Dutch interview clip is in #708

"The Invisible Man" a Phil Everly solo song.

Phil is certainly NOT 'Invisible'


(background - see #708-711)

Like his Dad and Uncle Don, Jason was very well received in the Philippines as related in #710. Traveling from the USA took a long time for the Everly Brothers, Phil and Don, but perhaps was easier in the late 1990s when Jason worked there in recording and films.

The Everly Brothers have always been very popular in the Philippines and played to sell-out crowds in Manila's Araneta Coliseum - 'Big Dome' arena, one of the largest in the world. From September 15-24 of 1961, The Everly Brothers performed to crowds of more than 20,000 at each concert.

Araneta Coliseum in the 1960s

Terry Slater, bass player, who was on tour with the Everlys at that time, later said:
"One of the highlights in my life, and certainly in theirs, was when we appeared in Manila. We were playing to 20 or 25,000 people every single night, for something like 10 days in the Araneta Coliseum, which was the biggest closed-top coliseum in the world. It was just a thrill to go out there every single night and see that amount of people. And the response was so beautiful! I felt so proud of them [the Everly Brothers]."

The Everly Brothers performing at the "Big Dome" 1961:

The above scene brings to mind Jason Everly's comment about seeing his father and uncle in concert for the first time (not here he wasn't born yet), and thinking how tiny they looked (from his viewpoint in the balcony), and how it impressed on him what The Everly Brothers actually did for a living! (from the video in #708, an 8 year old Jason was confused as to why his 3rd grade teacher had asked him if his father would come in and sing to the class - he wasn't yet aware of who his dad was in the public eye)

In 1966, The Everly Brothers again performed in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum.

Other photos of the Everlys in the Philippines

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THAT LOOK, innocently mischievous, Phil displayed often. It matches his fun sense of humor.

Here are a few images illustrating THAT LOOK.

There are more of THAT LOOK...Please Post them!!!

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Great photos, I have only been looking a short while I know there are others but these few to start with:


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At the Medallion ceremony October 4th 2001

L-R Charlie Louvin, Sam Phillips, Whispering Bill Anderson and Phil

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Gloria I just sat down and watched “ Goodbye Line” on your posting#718. Love the song and each and every Phil photo in the video. Thank you for posting
Goodbye Line is a stunning song for Phil to sing, even at the end of the evening when he has sung fast ones as he states at the start of the song, he hits the note 'Sorry' unbelievably easy and the note at the end 'Goodbye Line'. Fantastic photos throughout the new clip of this live song.

Fabulous one to post Gloria.
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