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Hi Gloria,

Thank you for trying to help us musicians by posting this.

However you must be careful when copy-pasting this sort of files, since the site’s operating system seems to align everything to the left and cancel all the spaces by default , displacing the chords and the lyrics, and so, rendering it useless. You would be forced to re-type each line, one by one with the chord changes above the lyrics.

On the other hand, Mr André Hofman is wrong when he asks to “transpose four tones up” to play in the original key. Each fret modifies the key by one HALF tone, so one should transpose four HALF tones up, or TWO tones up [from G, to B].

The links at the bottom of the page do not take you to “When Will I Be Loved”, so it might be useful to cite the source, which in this case seems to be:


where other three versions of the Everly’s song appear, as well as Linda Ronsadt’s, John Fogerty’s and Ricochet’s.

It's the thought that counts though, so thanks!

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