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"Love Angel" electric, energetic performance by Phil Everly! See video in #689!

Fans' comments about this song:

"Thanks for posting this great song and video. I hope everyone knows that this [song] is a PHIL SOLO from the 70's. If you think the recorded version is good... you should have seen him perform it live!!!! This man could put on one h--- of a concert all by himself. Too bad more people did not get to see him back then... even worse it is a shame these concerts were not recorded on video except for bits & pieces of them! The Everly's together are great, but Phil was a outstanding solo artist too!" (norsky)

"A fabulous song from Phil Everly, those 'noises' he makes WoW, love it. Fantastic singer." (r2d2)

"super hot!!!!!" (kathy m)

"I melt when I hear Phil sing this song. Love Love it." (JL)

"an angel of fire, song, and love - Phillip" (GP)

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