Live at the BBC

Songs 1 - 3 were recorded at the BBC studio 9th July 1963
Songs 4 - 9 were recorded at the BBC studio 5th March 1968
Songs 10 - 15 are from the Reunion concert 1983
"Baby what you want me to do" is superb, "Walk Right Back" so different. "Let it be me" is stripped back and is stunning. "Bowling Green" the EB's whistle at the start of it just like at the Sydney Concert in 1968 another stunning performance. "Susie Q" we all know how good this one is we already have it on site. "Bye, Bye Love" another slightly different. Stunning live performances at the BBC recording studios.

The other 5 songs are from the Reunion concert in 1983.

Great album, which can be bought, out of print but still available.
It is listed on eBay: $25, plus $7.54 S/H; or $24.96 plus $3 S/H; in the U.S.
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At least we have the option now, it is here to listen to or it can be bought. I had always wondered what the other songs sounded like that couldn't be found, now I know.
Thanks for digging this up, Chris, and posting. I am looking forward to listening to it all later. The snippets I have heard sound great!
Thank you, Chris! I am doing my chores listening to this great music!! I do appreciate live recordings!. The Everly Brothers always sing so creatively live! I am especially happy about the Reunion songs since they are off You Tube and this site. I really have been longing to hear, "Crying In the Rain"..and so I did!! I am most grateful!

(Your comments on the songs are well done! A+
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Just saw this post & I am anxious to listen to all the songs...I really need to get to bed so hopefully I will do this tomorrow. Thanks for posting this Chris!
I've been a fan since 1957; started with Bye Bye Love & I was hooked. Just got better but Don & Phil were my first singing idols. Thanks to this website I am learning so much more about them as people.
Chris, these are great! Thanks for posting them all. I have not had the time to listen to all of it, but I have some, and I love the little remark in "Don Talks" in the Manchester 1997 audio clip: "Phil quit smoking. He is in superb voice!" The audience applauds. Wonderful stuff. Smile
I have been thinking of doing this for several weeks now and it is now better to do with having this Forum thread "Live at the BBC". When Brian Matthews does his 2 hour show and if it contains any Everly songs or related Everly songs that others covered I will put it here, the show lasts for 4 weeks to listen to, so it will take itself away!! ha ha
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This is a live BBC interview clip, Jason also speaks on this clip.
This is a BBC clip announcing when Phil passed away, it was posted into the video section by Susan Bottomley.
This is an interview that Kyrti posted into the video section in 2014 - Live at the BBC
How the Brits rocked America - from the BBC I posted this one in the video section in July 2015
Highly entertaining and very enjoyable! Tons of interesting information!

I just took time to go through #10-#15, and gained some cool music history insights. The ones regarding the Everly Brothers were unique, because they were speaking their opinions and impressions, which I find more vivid, more in the moment, (as if it were today) than reading their words. I do very much appreciate Everly stories in print, but the audio/visual just brings you into that electronic space with them! Actually I love any information, from any source from that musical phenomenon, the Everly Brothers! Thank you, Chris for sharing all this!
True, Gloria, plus I always love hearing their speaking voices. Smile
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