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No Everly Brothers this week, some good songs, with a few artist connections to the EB's

Cilla Black - Anyone who had a heart
Stevie Wonder - Fingertips Pt 2
Tom Jones - It's not unusual
Dionne Warwick - Don't make me over
James Brown - I got you (I feel good)*
Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man
Peter & Gordon - Nobody I know

The Animals are on again this week Gloria, I think Tony must know you are entertained by them!!!! Smile

Please take a listen to Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard singing "Come Outside" you will find it very amusing.

No Everly song this week, but a very good week from other artists.

Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man
Elvis Presley - It's Now or Never
Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry
Stevie Wonder - Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
The Rolling Stones - Dandelion
Four Tops - Standing in the shadows of love
The Beatles - We can work it out
Roy Orbison & K D Lang - Crying
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I have been looking over the recent previous weeks and I know that Tony Blackburn is a big Motown fan and we can all see that in his choices each week but I notice others that are getting a play regularly such as the Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Vee. The Everly Brothers have missed out several times in recent weeks. I do hope they get a play on this show soon, we had begun to see their songs played regularly when Brian Matthews was the host of this show.
Given it up now that Brian has gone. Have listened to most of the stuff The Everlys did on SOTS in the 60s on this site and there is a BBC CD too which I believe followers have got
We have BBC Radio Wales here and on a Saturday morning there is a two hour show hosted by a guy called Owen Money, a Welsh comedian who was in fact a member of a very good band in the 60s called The Bystanders who played locally for many years. Owen plays all the old stuff and does requests as well. There must be a lot of local radio stations doing the same thing I would guess
Colin I couldn't agree more with you on that "The Sounds of the Sixties" has lost a lot of followers and therefore interest. They moved it to 6am to 8am two hours earlier than ever before, thinking that people in their 60's to 80's listen to this show more than any age group and they are mostly still in bed at 6am!!!

Unless you are a shift worker or crazy about the show (let's face it, it really is not the same show now with Tony Blackburn or the time it airs) you will listen to it later, which is how I listen to it now. I do see that some weeks have excellent songs but it is just not the same show now without Brian Matthews.

I believe if they put the show back into the original time slot of 8am - 10am they may get some listeners back, but if I were them I would do it now rather than wait until the viewing figures are in!
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BBC Radio 2 put on a programme late last night in recognition of Glen Campbell, it is one of many that BBC Radio is doing, BBC Radio 6 also has tributes to Glen, BBC Radio do cover these things very well at short notice. This is the BBC Radio 2 at 11pm last night.

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There is an album entitled: Glen Campbell British Live Performance Series


The link you posted in #172 Gloria, Glen Campbell is in a city about 40 minutes from me. The Everly Brothers also appeared in Doncaster.

This 1990 performance of US chart-topper Glen Campbell ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ at the Dome in Doncaster. I went to the Dome in October 2014 for a 60's night and The Searchers were there that night, Gerry was ill so he was missing, but PJ Proby was there and a few others that had chart success.
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Still on the "Bowling Green" theme since hearing Glen and The Everly Brothers singing it together, Phil's quote:

Phil: "Bowling Green comes from a guitar riff I was showing Terry, and he wrote this melody. It was the first thing we knocked off together. That came alive on the demo. It went to #1 in Canada but it only did 40s in the US. I always thought that since it had gone to #1 in Canada it could have done well here. But I don't think that Warner Bros had much faith in us at the time, which is a shame. The song gets a lot of covers."
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Having heard the demo on the box set it is a mystery why they did not just do it in that mode as that is how Terry envisaged it I believe. He wrote something about the song many years ago when he was back over here and was proud of it. Nothing wrong of course with the recorded version and perhaps they felt at the time of the Flower Power that it needed a fuller arrangement. It is now 50 years since the San Francisco revolution, not quite sure when you could say there was an official start.
I am not sure whether I have said this before but I have been along the road to Haight/Ashbury in both directions and spent some time in the park. Spent half a day in the Amoeba record shop there, so much stuff to get through. Although it started innocently it was not long before it all became sinister. I had a friend who went out there with his band at the time and he settled in California. Used to hear bits from him but nothing for many years. I believe he is not now with us. My daughter is a big fan of all that happened then and has lots of memorabilia she picked up in the souvenir shops there. Like our charity shops they are
SOUNDS OF THE 60's - 12th AUGUST 2017

A great week, we have the Everly Brothers, may connections:

The Crickets - My Little girl
The Searchers - Love Potion no 9
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
The Rolling Stones - I can't get no (Satisfaction)
Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly
Sam Cooke - Send me some Lovin'
The Shadows - Atlantis
Glen Campbell - Galveston
The Supremes - Love is here and now you're gone
Dion - Donna and the Prima Donna
Cliff & The Shadows - The Young ones
Elvis Presley - A mess of blues
The Everly Brothers - Crying in the rain
The Beatles - Lady Madonna
Peter & Gordon - To know you is to love you

A couple to listen to Billy Fury - Last Night was made for love

A funny one from Bernard Cribbons - Right said Fred

Some great songs this week.

Four Tops with the Supremes who are on the show this week.

I hope everyone will find this interesting. Before BBC Radio started in the format that it is now it was BBC The Light Programme and the radio was quite different to how it is presented now.
So before the BBC started firstly with Radio 1 and Radio 2 there was "Pirate Radio stations" on board boats anchored just enough miles off shore for several reasons, there is also a very good film about this era too with Bill Nighy staring in it. The BBC Radio stations are doing several one off programmes this year due to BBC radio being 50 years old.

This is a show which aired this week about the Pirate Stations, once again it lasts for 30 days.

This is an interesting piece from Johnny Walker
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SOUNDS OF THE 60's - 19th AUGUST 2017

Petula and Roy Orbison are on this week, but no Everly Brothers.
Like I said recently, I have given it up.
BBC Wales on now and some good stuff on there with Owen Money.
Not sure if any Everlys as missed a bit
Colin, did you ever listen to any of the 'Pirate Radio' shows? If so, what did you remember most?

We had/have a radio program here called, "Sounds Like the Navy", which features current hit music and is focused on recruitment for the United States Navy. I am not sure if it existed as such during and immediately after WWII.

"SOUNDS LIKE THE NAVY - Phil Everly features on an October 1974 propaganda radio show double-LP hosted by Sam Riddle and issued for broadcast to radio stations by navy recruiters. The June 1974 (Series 4: 72805) issue features Phil Everly in conversation with Steve Miller and playing music from Steve’s then new LP The Joker plus other Miller tracks. It does not include any Everly tracks. The October 1974 record (Series 8: 72760), where Phil is the interviewee, is very Everly music orientated and includes many Phil Everly solos." (courtesy of Everlypedia)
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