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Have a nice holiday in SA Chris
There is a big gathering of bluegrass stuff in Golden Gate Park coming up with Emmylou Harris and First Aid Kit appearing there.
I don't think it is going to rival the Summer of Love but you never know
At least you cannot be going with Ryanair
I would really like to see both those Colin. Was it First Aid Kit who wrote the song about Emmylou and sang it to her in the club, not quite sure of the venue now? I watched it a couple of times and she was overcome by the song. I just have the feeling it was First Aid Kit.
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I had to go and look for it Colin and yes it is First Aid Kit singing to Emmylou. It is very touching, they are great singers.
First Aid Kit singing Waterloo Sunset on Chris Evans show on the radio is superb> On You Tube
I agree Colin I have heard it before, BBC recording studio.
They keep coming up... Everly Brothers' connections to so many artists/musicians.
Fascinating- who knew who!

The Four Tops and The Supremes performed with The Everly Brothers at The Rooster Tail night club. See page 14 #197.

Several of The Hollies' songs were used by The Everly Brothers. They followed Phil's recording of "The Air That I Breathe" and had a major success with it. See page 14 # 198.

Herb Alpert recorded instrumental versions of Everly Brothers' songs, "Let It Be Me" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream", (2014 album, In the Mood) in tribute to Phil Everly who had passed away in January 2014. For a detailed background of the Everly Music with Alpert's distinctive interpretation, go to the Forum thread, Celebrating Phil Everly, page 20 #290-300.

Photo from December 1991 - Allan Freed, Herb Alpert, Phil Everly at Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Although the video is currently unavailable on You Tube, Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees sang a few Everly Brothers' famous numbers with Jimmy Fallon on the Late Night Show, shortly after Phil Everly had passed.

No video, but the following article relates the story:

"Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon Harmonize to the Everly Brothers", an article in Rolling Stone Magazine referenced the tribute (By Kory Grow January 28, 2014)

"A month after Barry Gibb and his falsetto made a surprise appearance on the Saturday Night Live that Jimmy Fallon was hosting, the Bee Gee stopped by Late Night last night to sing songs by another set of musical siblings, the Everly Brothers. Although neither he nor the talk-show host made reference to the recently deceased Phil Everly, the duo harmonized on three Everlys classics: "Bye Bye Love," "Wake Up Little Susie" and "All I Have to Do Is Dream."

Fallon said the reason he wanted to do the songs with Gibb was because they had been talking backstage and singing songs when it came up that one of the Bee Gees didn't like impromptu singing. "Robin was the one who didn't like the social sing-songs," Gibb said. So Fallon seized the opportunity and produced a guitar from behind the guest's couch. "Can we do a couple of Everly Brothers [songs]?" he asked. He also added the caveat, "Again, I'm a comedian – barely." But he didn't need to apologize since he harmonized each song well and even got Gibb to fall back and laugh at one point."

Photo from the show
An addition to #216, regarding Herb Alpert:

QUOTE by Herb Alpert on collaboration:

Sorry to say that the Everly Brothers are missing from this weeks show but there are some not often heard songs. Bobby Vee is on once again, since he passed away he has had a lot of air time.

Shane Fenton and the Fentones are on this week (Shane) which is not his real name passed away maybe last year, he did have several names until he decided that he would be known as 'Alvin Stardust', my boss at work sang at a lot of the same venues as him. Alvin Stardust also had a famous guitar that was worth pennies to buy originally but he had so many famous artists signatures on it including the Everly Brothers and it is now worth a great deal of money, if it can be valued.

Connections to the EB's are:

Roy Orbison - Falling
Brenda Lee - It Started all over again
Dion - Donna The Prima Donna
Lulu - Me, The Peaceful Heart
Cliff Richard and The Shadows - In the Country
Petula Clark - Colour my World

Bobby Vee sings Run to him
Shane Fenton sings I'm a Moody Guy
"Alvin Stardust" and his famous guitar


Stardust was 12 when he was given guitar by father who bought it for £1
He took it to a Buddy Holly and the Crickets concert and got band to sign it
After gig he dubbed the instrument the 'Peggy Sue' after Holly's hit record
It started a tradition for Stardust, now 71, who had it signed by big names
The autograph collection have now made the guitar worth £1.25million
Stardust, who [had] a number one, [had] no plans on selling the instrument

Photo of Famed Guitar with Fenton

Flash form the Past:
Brief article about "Alvin Stardust" and his special guitar in the Daily Mail
By David Gerrie
PUBLISHED: 19:54 EDT, 9 August 2014

"The guitar used by pop star Alvin Stardust to collect the autographs of some of music’s biggest names is now worth more than £1 million. Stardust, 71, was 12 when he was given the instrument in 1955 by his father, who had bought it for £1 and two shillings.

The youngster took it to a Buddy Holly and the Crickets concert in Doncaster where the band signed it – and the starstruck teen dubbed the guitar ‘Peggy Sue’ after Holly’s song. Those first autographs started a tradition and the guitar has since been signed by, among others, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Sir Cliff Richard and has been valued at £1.25 million.

Stardust, who enjoyed a No 1 hit in 1974 with Jealous Mind, [had] no plans to sell but when a friend said he could get a decent price for it, he had it valued.

He said: ‘When my dad gave me that guitar, little did we know, after all these years, what a story it would be able to tell.’

The singer collected many of the signatures when he was a teenager performing as Shane Fenton and the Fentones in the early 1960s.

He said: ‘I hung around stage doors schmoozing until they let me in. Since I always took Peggy Sue, they often assumed I was part of the act and just ushered me through.’

Explaining how he got the autographs of The Beatles at the Albert Hall in 1963, he said: ‘I knew a security chap called Len. He whisked my guitar away and a few minutes later came back with all the boys’ autographs on it."

Signature of Eddie Cochran

Once again no Everly Brothers but loads of connections to them this week:-

Buddy Holly - Heartbeat
The Hollies - Look through any window
Cilla Black - Don't answer me
The Beatles - Can't buy me love
The Association - Cherish
Four Tops - Reach out I'll be there
The Supremes - I hear a Symphony
Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John
Duane Eddy - Because they're young
Dion - Run Around Sue
Elvis Presley - Little Sister
Peter & Gordon - I go to pieces
The Beach Boys - Why Worry Baby
Stevie Wonder - Uptight
Marty Wilde - Jezebel
I still don't listen to it that much on a Saturday as we have Owen Money from Merthyr on BBC Wales although he can be very tedious indeed, especially when he is calling up some poor girl who is getting married later and it takes what seems hours. But he does play the same sort of stuff as his listener base is the same. It doesn't matter that much as I have Sixties CDs in the car to annoy my family.
I try Bob Harris on a Thursday as well on BBC2 as he does Country stuff and sometimes it is a good show.
Bob is great but the one thing about him is he never says a track is not very good. A big friend of Duane Eddy, goes out to meet him in Nashville a lot
Don't know what happened to the storm. Virtually nothing here although went to the beach to watch the high tide. Marvellous

Yeah we have the Everly Brothers this week, also many other great songs and artists that Phil and Don knew.

Cliff Richard - Congratulations
Bobby Hatfield - So much love
Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy shade of winter
The Beatles - Yesterday
Bill Haley & The Comets - Rock around the clock
Neil Diamond - Girl, you'll be a woman soon
The Everly Brothers - When Will I be Loved
Tom Jones - Help Yourself
The Supremes - The Happening
Tony Orlando - Bless You
The Searchers - Love Potion No 9
Roy Orbison - In Dreams
Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly

This great programme returns to BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday 31 October at 10 pm for one hour. Sadly this time it’s only on for 4 weeks, last time it was six weeks.

I feel confident he will play Everly Brothers songs on a couple of the shows.

I think we all enjoy Bill's laid back approach.
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