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Brian's last show and right at the beginning the Everly Brothers got a quick mention, I have to tell you that the EB's made it onto this last show singing "Walk Right Back". This is no mean feat, all the artists to choose from and our boys get on the show. Brian interviewed the EB's so many times I am sure he connected with them, I am so pleased they made it onto this last show.

Connections this week are:
Roy Orbison - EB's sang his Claudette and they were big friends
Melanie - on the Johnny Cash replacement show with the EB's
Supremes - the EB's were on a show with them and the Four Tops
Rolling Stones - they appeared on a big tour with the EB's
Brenda Lee - a lifelong friend of Phil's and appeared at the COPD concert with Paul Simon
The Searchers - Copied the harmonies of the EB's
Dave Clark Five - I keep finding them and the EB's getting intertwined on shows even if they did not appear, maybe one day something will be found which puts them together
The Beatles - 2 songs from them, we know Phil and Don sang Beatles songs and Paul McCartney wrote "Wings of a Nightingale" for the EB's
Dionne Warwick - Phil appeared on her show and sang with Dionne
Everly Brothers are quite near the end of the show
Elvis sings a song, the EB's met Elvis backstage
Billy Fury - our home grown talent in the UK
Brian always finishes with the theme tune "Foot Tapper" from the "Shadows", in video section we have a song especially written by the Shadows about Brownie, Kentucky

There is a song this week by Al Wilson called The Snake - this 45rpm vinyl if anyone has one can fetch £25,000 it is in the style of Northern Soul which was around about the same time as Tamla Motown and played at discos in the UK.

As always this show lasts 30 days, so 29 days and some hours left. An excellent choice this week.

Thanks for the music Brian, you are a legend on the radio and I wish you well and hope that sometimes we may hear of a new show from you. Good health and happiness.
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Brian Matthew presented Sounds of the 60s from 1990 through to 2017
Brian Matthew started broadcasting in 1948 in Germany, and trained as an actor at RADA before joining the BBC in 1954. He has a great love of the theatre and has performed in many well-known venues. He even has his own 50-seat studio theatre in his home.

He was one of the first DJs on Radio 2, and hosted shows such as 'Saturday Club', 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' and 'Late Night Extra', but he is probably best known for presenting the long-running 'Round Midnight' programme which won the 1987 Pulitzer Publishing Award.

Brian presented 'Sounds of the Sixties' (winner of a Gold Sony Radio Award in 1996) from April 1990 through to 2017, when he stepped down from presenting the show. Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says of Brian: "Brian is an outstanding presenter and, at 88, a radio legend. He has made the programme his own with natural ability, passion and warmth and we are incredibly grateful for everything he has done for Sounds of the 60s".

In 1990 he received a Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Outstanding Contribution to Radio.

(Source of article: )

This is the 1st show of "SOUNDS OF THE 60's" 4th March 2017 that Tony Blackburn has done, he is not a total stranger to the site he did that very good interview with the EB's when they changed places during the interview!!

There are no Everly Brothers songs this week but many songs from people they knew, did shows with etc, such as:

The Four Tops, Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Vee, The Hollies, The Righeous Brothers, Glen Campbell, The Beatles and one of my brothers and dad's favourite song "Good Timing" by Jimmy Jones, my dad repaired watches, clocks etc, it did take him a long time to come around to liking the song though.

Glenn Campbell had a very popular TV variety show starting in 1969 (The Glenn Campbell Goodtime Hour) and was highly regarded as a guitarist, and worked as a session/backup musician for artists like, the Beach Boys, Dean Martin, the Righteous Brothers, all of whom interfaced with the Everly Brothers.

Glenn was a regular session musician for the Everly Brothers, and especially worked with them on their Roots album in 1968. "I did a lot of sessions with them in the sixties. They were real fun to do. They're great guys. I like them a lot." Campbell quoted from the Everly Brothers biography, Walk Right Back, by Roger White.

In 1962 Carole King, Glenn Campbell, and Phil Everly sang together as The Keestone Family, and recorded two comical numbers, "Melodrama" and "Cornbread and Chitlings". **

Later in 1980, Clint Easrwood's movie, Any Which Way You Can, featured both Phil Everly and Glenn Campbell in cameo roles. Glenn recorded the title song, and Phil wrote, "One Too Many Women In Your Life", sung by actress in that film, Sandra Locke. ***

** Details can be found in the Forum thread, Celebrating Phil Everly.
*** See Celebrating page 27 #392 re: Any Which Way You Can

From Calliope Records: Keestone Family Singers

Connections this week are:
The Beatles, Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison, CCR, Cilla Black, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and the Shadows.

No Everly Brothers songs this week.

Roy Orbison with Everly Brothers - see BBC page 5, #64

Cilla Black with Phil Everly - see Forum's SHINDIG page 2

Cliff Richard with Phil Everly - see Forum's CELEBRATING page 22

Glenn Campbell and the Everly Brothers - see BBC page 7, #94

Beach Boys with the Everly Brothers - see Forum's CONCERTS page 1
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WOW what a great week this is for fantastic songs either from US or UK artists and we have the Everly Brothers singing "Price of Love" yay!! I know some were wondering when we were going to hear the EB's again.
Connections this week to the EB's are Tom Jones - he appeared on many shows with the EB's
The Beatles - 3 songs from them in a row this week
Cliff Richard and The Shadows
EB's in between here and Gerry
Gerry and The Pacemakers - we love that fabulously funny clip with the EB's
The Drifters - they appeared on several shows with the EB's too

This week is so good I want it on a cd - don't forget these shows last for 30 days then they expire.
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Next Monday 27th March a massive fan and friend of Margaret's - Bill Kenwright - does everyone remember him doing the 2 hour show and he interviewed so many of Phil and Don's friends and he telephone Margaret and that was on the show too? Well next Monday Bill is back on BBC Radio 2 at 10pm for one hour which is the same as he always does.

Hopefully he will play lots of EB songs throughout this seasons run.
WOW what a week on SOUNDS OF THE 60's - 25th March 2017 - Tony Blackburn

Loads of connections to the Everly Brothers this week even they are not on themselves.

I don't list them all but I do put the artists in order of appearance on the show:

Gerry and the Pacemakers - Ferry Across the Mersey - Sharon should love that one
Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to go
Buddy Holly - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)
The Spencer Davis Group - Somebody Help Me
The Hollies - Bus Stop
Elvis Presley - Surrender
The Searchers - When you Walk in the Room
Herman's Hermits - I'm into Something Good
The 4 Tops - Walk away Renee
The Rolling Stones - The Last Time

We have the Troggs again Gloria, I know you were gob-smacked the last time you heard them!! ha ha. The Honeycombs are on this week an early 45rpm vinyl I bought. Bobby Vee is on again. It is a very good week.

The difference between Brian Matthews and Tony Blackburn is that Brian played more obscure songs some weeks or lesser known ones whereas Tony Blackburn does like to play more of the big hits. It is a very good week.
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We have 2 from the Everly Brothers on Bill's first show of 6 shows, connections are:

Duane Eddy - Because They're Young
Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Music
Little Richard - Tutti Fruitti
Jackie DeShannon - The Prince
Cliff Richard - I Could easily (Fall in love)
Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
Buddy Holly - What to do (demo version)
Everly Brothers - Bird Dog
Everly Brothers - Devoted to You
Roy Orbison and KD Lang - Crying
Elvis - Anything that's part of you

There are artists in between this list but these are connected to the EB's
Bill Kenwright's nod to Phil's passing is still on Golden Years site
STAR CONNECTIONS with EVERY BROTHERS through concerts and tours:

Duane Eddy

Chuck Berry - photo first inductees into Rock and Roll hall of Fame 1986

Cliff Richard

Buddy Holly

Roy Orbison (with Little Richard) 1988

Rick Nelson

Video Recording (somewhat blurry) of Rick Nelson's appearance on the Everly Brothers Summer Show 1970. Listen to the singing!
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I forgot to mention that this show also lasts for 30 days from the date it was put on air which was Monday 27 March.

It was an exceptional week I hope as many as possible get to hear it and we have 2 Everly songs and why not Bill Kenwright is such a big fan.

So many Rock 'n' Roll songs too.
BBC Radio 4 - "The Last Word"

The URL is not compatible to be posted into videos, hopefully anyone who hasn't heard this can search it out here.

The EB's come into the show at 22.25 minutes, first it is Don then Phil, although they do get it wrong on the show who is who!

We have heard this before but it is not posted here.
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I listen to Ken Bruce's radio show on BBC Radio 2 quite often in the morning, he has a section called "Pop Quiz" and todays had an Everly question, it just shows that they are still thought of in that way too. This lady got every question correct the full 39 points, how fantastic for her.

The Everly question was about "Cathy's Clown"

The pop quiz comes on at the 0.58 minute mark
SOUNDS OF THE 60's - APRIL 1st 2017 - DJ is Tony Blackburn

This week YES we do have the Everly Brothers, I do hope Tony plays as many as Brian Matthews did. You will get to know that Tony Blackburn tells some bad jokes!! haha or not!

This weeks connections to the Everly Brothers are:

Connie Francis - Don't break the heart that loves you
Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
Crosby, Stills and Nash - Marrakesh Express
Everly Brothers - Walk Right Back
Buddy Holly - Rave On
Gerry & The Pacemakers - I'm the one (which one of my brothers bought)
Cliff Richard - The Day I met Marie

Lots more in between these songs one that I had totally forgot with an apt name "Harmony Grass" singing Move in a Little Closer.

One to make Gloria smile from the Animals "We've gotta get out of this place". Gloria since one that was played a few weeks ago and it made you smile BBC radio 2 have played the Animals songs nearly every week, do you think they have heard that this group have tickled you? LOL
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