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A tribute page for Brian Matthews released on the BBC Radio website
This is a very lovely and interesting Tribute to Brian Matthews, Chris.

I clicked on his 20 Favorite Songs of the Sixties (within this article). They are in no particular order, and delightfully, not only are the Everly Brothers on that list, but if you click on their name there is more information and several of heir songs that can be listened to, perhaps not the full versions, but more than a taste! So very nicely put together, as were his weekly shows!
This clip gives everyone a good chance to see BBC Radio studios, quite a small area (compact) but a great sound.
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The Everly Brothers are 2nd up on this programme, some quite different songs on this weeks show

This weeks running order:

Barrett Strong - Money (that's what I want)
Everly Brothers - Since You Broke My Heart
Marty Wilde - Danny
Conway Twitty - What a Dream
Sam Cooke - Cupid
Jay & The Americans - This is it
John Barry - Hit and Miss (theme tune to the programme Juke Box Jury)
Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's
The Angels - My Boyfriends Back
Bobby Vee - Walkin' With my Angel
Bobby Vee - Run to Him
Vicki Tasso - Sound of the Hammer
The Association - Cherish
The Mystics - Hushabye
Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires & The Imperials Quartet - I'll Remember You
If you open the link in quote #123 to watch the girls singing "Waterloo Sunset" you will see a comment from a Colin Howell on youtube and I feel sure it must be our very own Colin on this site, who else would mention the Everly Brothers and compare the girls to them, only a fan of the Everlys?

Maybe Colin will let us know.Smile
RE: Quote #123
I noticed that possible 'Colin' comment also, Chris. I saved one (I think there may be a few more):

"These two are the new Everly Brothers in the other sex ...sibling harmonies have always been my bag. Been waiting for these for years. ... This is the best version I have ever heard outside the original from all those years ago"

Even if not, it's an appreciative comment.
Maybe you all, specially Chris, Gloria & Colin, will enjoy these links:
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Ricardo A-Priori
These girls are good, I dip in and out with their clips as often as I can. I like how they dress sometimes in the masculine suits and slick their hair back, great to get a style of their own. I listened to several songs linked and others, I hope they are doing well in their strive to show just what they can do. I enjoyed this version from them too, Phil's "When Will I be Loved"
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I know I should learn (comment vanished) The Chapin Sister's I dip in and out with on a regular basis, they are very good, Phil's "When Will I be Loved" is done very well. I hope these girls do well in their career. I have attached the song.

I like their individual style, masculine suits and slicked back hair, they are also funny, I hope they continue just as they are and hopefully we will hear more of these girls.

"First Aid Kit" what can I say? These girls should be around for many years to come, Emmylou Harris was reduced to tears, so was I. We get to see these girls in the UK on Breakfast news and similar programmes, maybe it is time for the BBC to do a programme about how the legacy of this genre will continue.

The link I posted to show the BBC studios there are many links/songs to the side to click onto and take a listen.
Ha ha I see my comment 128 re-appeared!! Where do they go?

Anyway I am leaving both 128# and 129# Wink
The Chapin Sisters are great, very talented. Have to say I teared up both times I watched the First Aid Kit video, they are very talented , and Emmy Lou's feelings about the song tugs at the heart, so touching.
Marion you may have already done this but in case not, click on #123 at the BBC studio and loads of songs from "First Aid Kit" are at the side too. They really are 2 great girls. When I ask around now if anyone has heard of these 2 girls I get a good reaction, some tell me where they come from and others want to tell me of their music. They are making an impact. I wish them all the success they deserve.

Connections to the Everly Brothers:

Andy Williams - Can't get used to you
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
The Beatles - A Hard Days Night
Dionne Warwick - Walk on by
Cliff and the Shadows - Summer Holiday
Lulu - The Boat That I Row
Marty Wilde - Jezebel
Diana Ross & the Supremes - Reflections
Petula Clark - Don't Sleep in the Subway
The Shadows - Foot Tapper

Paul Jones of Manfred Mann left and did other things, then came back for a short while and left again, he was very into the Blues and now has a BBC Radio 2 show where he plays a lot of his blues favourites. He also sings in and around London singing Blues. He is a very gifted and talented man.

Lulu is singing a song this week which Neil Diamond wrote and later sang on his albums "The Boat that I row"

Tony Blackburn mentions Brian Matthews and he finishes the show with Brian's end of show song "Foot Tapper" by the Shadows.

A tribute to Brian Matthews

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The Everly Brothers are on this weeks show, in the last spot singing a song which they often sang last. They also get a quick mention in another part of the show. * EB connections

Running order:

Buddy Holly - Rave On *
Elvis Presley and the Jordanaires - Hard Headed Woman *
Neil Sedaka - I Go Ape
Ricky Nelson - String Along *
The Shirelles - Baby It's you
Johnny Burnett - Clown Shoes
Billy Fury - Margo, Don't Go
John Barry - Hit and Miss theme
Jackie Wilson - To be Loved
Connie Francis - Vacation *
James Darren - Gidget
The Crickets - When you ask about love *
Eddie Cochran - Cut Across Shorty *
Eddie Cochran - Three Steps to Heaven *
The Fleetwoods - He's the Great Imposter
Harry Belafonte - Scarlet Ribbons
The Everly Brothers - Let it be me

No Everly Brothers this week on Sound's of the 60's but some good connections to them:

Dave Clark 5 - Everybody Knows
Perry Como - Delaware
Herman's Hermits - Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter
Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Roy Orbison - Leaving make the rain come down
James Brown - It's a man's world
Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour
Jerry Lee Lewis - What'd I say
Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
Petula Clark - The other man's grass is always greener

Tony is playing some more unusual songs today, Brian played some obscure songs and I think to continue that way is the right way forward for this show, at least at the moment with Brian not been gone from the programme for long.
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