Documentaries on EBs

Here is one spot for links to documentaries on The EBs.

Please feel free to post any EBs documentaries.

"The Life and Times of The Everly Brothers," 1996, TNN

"Rock 'n Roll America," Part One, 2015, BBC. Don interviewed.

"Rock 'n Roll America," Part Two, 2015, BBC. The EBs profiled, Don interviewed.

"Brothers In Arms"

"History of Rock n Roll," 1980, Casey Kasem

Excerpts from "Songs of Innocence & Experience," 1984, BBC. The full documentary is blocked in the U.S. per copyright.

BUT, for as long as it lasts for U.S. fans, the first link is the complete "Songs" documentary, apparently edited of about five minutes per copyright rules.
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Now this will be a good thread. Thanks, Mary.
Does this mean interviews too?
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If anyone remembers an EBs documentary I have missed, please post it here.
Pat, you raised a great point. What about EBs interviews?

I created another thread in Forum just for posting interviews, keeping this one for documentaries only.

We have a lot of interview clips in Videos. Please feel free to post any and all interviews to the Interviews, The EBs thread.
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"Album Flash," promotion for "EB84:"
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Rodney Crowell - Making of "Sex & Gasoline", Documentary Part 2

Phil comes into the video at 4:54...and he is wearing glasses. He even looks good in glasses.
Thank you Pat!! This is video is new to me, and I enjoyed watching it, especially the Phil part. You are correct Pat, Phil even looks good in glasses, He was one handsome man, his whole life. Phil sang so well in this video too, so great to watch.
I had forgotten how excellent this Country Music Hall of Fame video is!!! I had not watched it in a long time. Mark Knopfler is a true EBs lover, and a great choice to narrate. The video/documentary skips over some years but that can be forgiven, I think, for the sweet tone of the video.

These Forum threads makes it easy to revisit these concerts/documentary/interview videos that can sometimes be buried on the site.
I watched "EVERLY BROTHERS COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME" , while having coffee this morning and really enjoyed it. I have watched this a few times previously, but I find find the pictures etc. charming and interesting each time. Mark Knophler does a great job narrating, and it really brings you back to how the Everly's "sound" started out. Their Father really was a big influence on them, where and how they grew up etc. and country music was a very large part of their growing up. I am not a big fan of "Country Music" but I sure am a big fan of "Country Rock" courtesy of the EBs. Great to watch this again.
Sadly, we have lost access to both documentaries "Songs of Innocence & Experience" and "The Life and Times of the Everly Brothers." I will keep my eye out for working copies.
I also can't view "The Life and Times of the Everly Brothers", so I will post one that works for the UK, Canada and Europe. It is so annoying all of these expiring.

This is a "Songs of Innocence and Experience" that can be viewed for UK, Canada and Europe.
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Chris, I can view "The Life and Times" video here in Canada, but not "Songs of Innocence".
How come clips appear on YouTube and then they are taken down? I have saved all of these to a video program on my computer and can still play them, while on YouTube they are gone.
Copy rights I think Pat. It is so annoying in the US. Things come and go for no reason, maybe hits trigger something.
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