Interviews, The EBs

Here is a thread for links to interviews with The EBs, Don and Phil together or separate. We have many here in Videos.

Feel free to post and add to this thread.

I will kick it off with one of my favorites, Sydney, Australia, October 1985, a lengthy one! The photo posted above is from 1985.

1986, NBC Today Show with Bryant Gumbel:
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Don Everly on Kentucky Afield TV.

Don Everly on VIP 1996

Good Morning Britain 1988
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"This Morning" an ITV programme, being interviewed by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan

This is the song they sang after the interview on "This Morning"

Nashville Now 1988 interview
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John Davidson show - 1980, a song from Phil "Dare to Dream Again", then the interview and Phil and John then end with a song.

Phil Everly an hour of his time 1984

Phil Everly - Nationwide 1983 - with Sue Lawley - Phil sings "Sweet Pretender" at the end
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Entertainment Tonight 1983 Interview

It Takes two 2002 interview
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Margaret Everly interview
The David Frost Show May 1972 interview and songs

Sky Fi Music Special 1984 - Interview
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Don Everly Speaking about one of his songs being recorded before they were famous - by Kitty Wells

Don interview, short clips

Country Spotlight
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Good Morning Australia, Don 1988

Nice shot of Adela in this one.
There certainly isn't any shortage of interviews.
The Everly Brothers talk about the Beach boys 1986

The Homecoming Press conference 1996

These 2 interviews Pat Edwards posted them.
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Don, Phil, Larry and Chet.

I love this interview. Don is so cute in it.
GMtv with Phil and Cliff - interview

Dick Clark Interviews Phil on the American Bandstand 1983
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Phil on Dutch TV, 1981:

Don and Phil, 1968, interviewed at the 12:20 minute mark:
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NAMM Interview with Phil 2012

I love to watch this one
I like this one too, Chris. The only thing that bothers me about this interview is the guy kept pressing Phil to sing and you can see Phil really doesn't want to, probably because of his breathing problem. He finally did it just to get the guy to quit.
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