Concerts by the EB's and solo

Thanks for reading through the UK Tour 2005 Colin, there is a lot to read through and lots of photos too. I do hope that eventually I will be able to find even more about this last concert which is why it intrigued me and spurred me on to find whatever I could about it. I can imagine your son doing that Colin, at least he had a go.

My son has seen LeAnn Rymes in Vegas too, this year he saw Reba McIntyre and Cher 2 nights running in Vegas and I know it was a lot of money but he also knew if he wanted to see Cher before she stopped doing concerts this may be his last chance, so price wise they bit the bullet to go. He said both artists were very good although very different.

I was hoping you would come to look at the UK tour 2005 because of the Cardiff link and I knew that you had seen them there, so thanks again Colin.
I know the other site is not popular with some but on a few occasions they sent me CDs of performances prior to the last gigs. I cannot find any of them at the moment, not sure if they were any good as I recall but I think one was in Manchester in the late 90s/early 2000s. I checked and it is of poor quality though a bit like that one in 1973 which is now for sale on Amazon
Concert in Messedamm, Berlin, Germany, Sunday 30th October 1988

Highlights : Great live renditions of Born Yesterday and Why Worry.

A Concert at the Cambridge Regal on October 22nd 1962 is listed on Billing as the Everly Brothers but this concert and one on October 15th 1962 in Hull are just two that were done by Phil on a solo tour, he completed the whole tour when Don was taken back to the US for medical attention. Joey Paige was on stage with Phil and after Phil had sung a couple of songs on his own, his good friend and band member Joey Paige joined Phil in singing the rest of the concert.

HULL Billboard October 15th 1962

Listed as Everly Brothers - it was Phil touring alone in 1962

Joey Paige on stage and singing with Phil

The full list of artists appearing were:

Everly Brothers (Phil on his own)
Frank Ifield
Ketty Lester
Dean Rogers
Terry Young Five
Vernon Girls

Compere was Norman Collier - Promoter was Arthur Howes in association with Leslie Grade.

October 1962

14 - East Ham (Granada)
15 - Hull (ABC)
16 - Stockton (Globe)
17 - Sheffield (City Hall)
18 - Lincoln (ABC)
19 - Leeds (Odeon)
20 - Newcastle (City Hall)
22 - Cambridge (Regal)
23 - Croydon (ABC)
24 - Kingston (ABC)
25 - Exeter (ABC)
26 - Plymouth (ABC)
27 - Bournemouth (Winter Gardens)
28 - Ipswich (Gaumont)
31 - Portsmouth (Guildhall)

November 1962

01 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
02 - Cheltenham (Gaumont)
03 - Cardiff (Sophia Gardens)
04 - Birmingham (Hippodrome)
07 - Huddersfield (ABC)
08 - Manchester (Apollo)
11 - Liverpool (Empire)

This photo was taken at the ABC in Exeter on October 25th 1962

Frank Ifield adds, “I loved the Everly Brothers’ records and it was so disappointing that to find that Don was ill and had gone back to the States. I wanted to see them even more than the audience. Phil did the tour on his own and it didn’t make much difference as far as the bookings were concerned but it was a great pity not to see them together. I thought I was on the tour that was going to mark their break-up. I had to encourage Phil as he was very nervous about going out there, but the audience loved him anyway. He got a thunderous round of applause when he walked out but the promoter hadn’t put up notices saying it was only Phil. It had only been in the music press so most people were still expecting to see the Everly Brothers. From what I remember, Phil sang a couple of songs on his own and then one of the guys in the band sang Don’s part so it sounded pretty much like the Everly Brothers then. Some years later when I opened in Vegas Phil was on the front row supporting me and I thought that was great, really nice of him.”

Phil travelled with the touring party as opposed to going by limousine. He enjoyed the companionship and he finished the tour at the Liverpool Empire on November 11, wholly relieved to have pulled it off. He said, “Towards the end of the tour, I was feeling quite at ease as a solo performer, but that doesn’t mean that I had any thoughts of breaking up the partnership.”

As well as Don’s health, he had his own worries. Phil told one reporter that he could be called up if the Cuban missile crisis escalated. Don, presumably, would be spared because of his health.

It was ironic that the tour should end in Liverpool as the Beatles had entered the charts with their first Parlophone single, ‘Love Me Do’, thus starting the British beat boom. The established American acts were going to find it harder to have chart hits.

Phil with Joey Paige at the 'Talk of the Town' and two ladies

Phil with school children during his time in London during this tour

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Re: 1962 European Tour of The Everly Brothers (#79)

"Don Everly had taken ill before the first performance....Phil Everly performed a number of UK shows alone before the remaining European dates were cancelled.

He told the audience who'd been very supportive that first night, 'I really do appreciate this. Wold you please give a big hand to my brother? He's not here to enjoy it.'

Phil later stated, 'Donald had not been well for a while, and we were semi-cognizant of his situation. It was just the most dreadful period I could ever imagine. There were like eight thousand different things causing it. It was just terrible.

Joey Page got me through the 1962 tour, particularly that first night at East Ham. That was my first solo on stage. I had to switch over to Don's part which I found very difficult. I sang the harmony part of "Lucille" all the way through. But there was nothing I could do - it was like the show must go on kinda silliness or put everybody out of work. But also too, I didn't know whether it was the end totally. I had no idea what the situation was. I knew we'd best continue and bring the finds in.'" (everlypedia)

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Further additions to Page 1 #8. The Reunion Concert is held in such high regard by every Everly fan world wide. We all know on this site that some clips cannot be seen by everyone on site but it should not deter us from posting them here so that some members can view them or hear them if only audio. I hopefully I can find all the clips missing which should be in videos because it does cause me many problems when I go looking in there. Bear with me if it takes more than one delve into videos!! Smile

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Addition to Page 1 #8 and the above #81

News clips from the UK and from the US towards the end. Many pieces are duplicated but it is still great to have these pieces put together, we have several pieces from this already on site.
This video clip shows Reunion rehearsals, Reunion both night's clips and loads of archive material. It last for 37:34 minutes.

"This video contains content from Eagle Rock. It is not available in your country."


Thanks anyway Chris.
Ricardo A-Priori
I knew when I posted it that US could not view it but many other Countries could so I had to be happy with that. Eagle Rock have a lot to answer for!!!!
September 1, 1993

By Todd Everett

While concentrating on material from the ’50s and ’60s, both the Everly Brothers and Dion (DiMucci) showed that these Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame members still have much to offer contemporary audiences.

For their first local show in several years, the Everlys — now a decade into their reunion after a 10-year sabbatical — have come as close as possible to revamping their show without leaving out such major hits as “All I Have to Do Is Dream,””Bye, Bye, Love” and “Cathy’s Clown,” or substantially changing their band.

They’ve left their trademark tuxedos at home, though; elder brother, Don has finally stopped ridiculing his younger sibling; some songs have been slightly rearranged; and the Everlys are allowing their terrific band a chance to shine on two instrumentals.

The rearrangements were generally slight — enough to differ from the recorded versions, not enough to cease being instantly recognizable. Guitarist Albert Lee, steel guitarist Buddy Emmons and pianist Pete Wingfield took solos that weren’t on the records, and occasionally Don Everly would kick off songs with a deceptive introduction (a funny “Pinball Wizard” strumming intro to “Wake Up, Little Suzie,” for example).

A brief acoustic segment highlighted the Brothers’ harmonies on vintage hillbilly ballads: Tex Ritter’s “Long Time Gone” and the Delmore Brothers’ “Blues, Stay Away from Me” (the group rejoining just in time for a heartbreaking solo by Emmons). The band’s spotlight featured two jazz standards: Emmons featured on “Broadway” and everybody on a fingerbusting “Tiger Rag.”

The Everlys have just been dropped by Mercury, their label of 10 years. The brothers reciprocated by ignoring the three albums’ worth of material from that period, including Paul McCartney’s “On the Wings of a Nightingale” and Mark Knopfler’s “Why Worry,” both purportedly penned for the duo and available on a recently released “Mercury Years” compilation. Warner Bros. Records has a 50 -song retrospective of the Brothers’ years with the label, 1960-69, due in September.

Dion’s last album, 1992’s “Dream on Fire,” was released by the Miami indie Vision Records. The singer performed his version of Nick Lowe’s “I Knew the Bride (When She Usedto Rock and Roll)” from that album, “King of the New York Streets” from his 1989 Arista “comeback” album, and otherwise stuck to his earlier tunes, though backed by a band with ’90s sizzle and the ability to carry an a cappella version of Dion and the Belmonts’ first hit, “I Wonder Why.” Notable, too, was Dion’s clever rap introduction to “The Wanderer.”

Everly Brothers; Dion

Greek Theater; 6,187 seats

Production: Promoted by Nederlander. Reviewed Aug. 29, 1993.

Everly Brothers: Albert Lee, Buddy Emmons, Pete Wingfield, Phil Cranham, Bob Maider; Dion: Johnny Sambataro, Jamie Colton, Paul Haus, Gabe Veles, Tony Lavender.
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The Everly Brothers appeared at the Birmingham Odeon in 1968.

Other acts appearing with them were: Little Richard, The Rattles, Mickie Most and the Rolling Stones.

A once beautiful cinema, now divided into eight screens. The Paramount Theatre opened on 4th September 1937 with Errol Flynn in “Charge of the Light Brigade”.

The original seating capacity was for 2,439 with 1,517 in the stalls and 922 in the circle. It was equipped with a Compton 4Manual/10Rank theatre organ which was opened by Al Bollington. The Paramount had a large stage, dressing rooms and a cafe/restaurant.

In August 1942, it was sold to Oscar Deutsch’s Odeon Theatres Ltd. and it was re-named Odeon. In 1965 it was closed for a period while major modernisation was carried out.

The Odeon was used for many live shows during this period of time, including appearances by The Beatles. Indeed, for many years it was the venue, for the then many ‘Package Shows’, which consisted of one main star attraction, and several support acts. Sometimes the package consisted of many acts, that were all charting at the time. In May 1988 the Odeon was closed for conversion into a six screen cinema, which re-opened in August 1988. Unfortunately, the Compton organ, which had still been used for concerts, was dismantled and sold.

The star names are many and too numerous to name them all, Duane Eddy, The Everly Brothers, Gene Vincent, Mickie Most, The Shirelles, Mike Bloomfield, Darry Hall and John Oakes, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Ike and Tina Turner, Iggy Pop (twice), Santana, Little Feat, Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames, Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, The Butterfield Blues Band, Ry Cooder, Television, Blondie, Patti Smith, XTC, Simple Minds, Lynyrd Skynyrd (twice), The Tubes (twice), Elvis Costello, Bob Marley and The Wailers (twice), Third World, Toots and The Maytals, The Stranglers, Echo and The Bunnymen, Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band, Dr Feelgood (thrice), Wire, Graham Parker and The Rumour, Southside Johnny and The Asbury Dukes, Grinderswitch, The Marshall Tucker Band.

Susan Palmer:
"So sad to hear of the closure of one of the most prestigious concert halls closing.

I first went there when it was a cinema when I was a youngster, but in the 60’s I attended several concerts, ie. Sam & Dave, Tina Turner, Temptations, etc. and it was such a wonderful place to be.

I haven’t been recently but it is sad to think that another venue is unable to compete with the out of town consortiums.

RIP ODEON fond memories"

Richard Gale:
"I saw Harry Chappin, not long before he died. Also The Everly Brothers. They were great but only did about 30 minutes. Maybe they weren’t talking again....."

Kathy Cole:
"Its the same show the boys gave us English folk at the Rum Runner Club in Birmingham in 1968. Absolute magic!!!!!"

With all these big names in the music industry 'The Odeon' must have been quite a place to have a concert in.

Attached video clip: Brilliant ITV news piece about the closure of the Odeon, one of the best venues in the country.
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Please note in #87 the fan 'Kathy Cole' and her comment. That is the same "Rum Runner" Club I did a piece of research on and placed in the Forum Thread 'Appearances at Nightclubs etc' It is Page 1 #4.

When you read both pieces and note that the Everly Brothers did the same show at both venues in Birmingham in 1968 you realise how hectic it must have been for them.

I am now looking into how long the Everly Brothers stayed in the UK at this time in 1968 and if they did anymore concerts in different venues. Who knows there may be more to be found.
From memory Chris they just did a promotional tour of 2 weeks. I think it was when they did the Lulu Show and then they appeared for 3 nights in Birmingham and went on to tour Ireland. I think it was Gloria who listed the Irish dates some time ago
In those books with the box sets every show is listed in Britain and in the rest of the World from 1960 to 1972. A great record indeed.
No doubt someone in the know might have documented what happened with shows after 1984 until 2006 as there are still those out there with much greater knowledge of everything than me. It would not be as interesting to be honest because the books also list all the recording sessions during those early years and there were only 3 albums issued after 1984 as we all know. In any event there must have been months with very little activity, not like those busy times
I have not read the two books for some time though. I went through them a few times when I bought them. I just noted what had happened in relation to my whereabouts at the time and if I had perhaps missed something
Again from memory I remember those residencies in Batley in the late 60s which were too far away for me so my next concert was in the Albert Hall with their father in 1971. Exactly what happened between 1968 and 1971 is very hazy now but I will have another read sometime
Always good to hear your thoughts and memories Colin.

I will always continue to research shows and concerts, sometimes it is amazing what can be found. Seeing photos of where they did their concerts makes them come alive to me and especially if I can find the set list they did which can often be found.

I know of the Batley Variety Club, I did go there to see other acts if I saw it advertised but I never saw the Everly Brothers there. In research there is very little. I can find lots about the Club itself but I keep hitting a wall for more information. It doesn't mean it isn't out there somewhere, it just needs digging up!!
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