Grand Ole Opry, July 13, 1957, EBs appearance, "Bye Bye Love" gold record, perform "I Wonder If I Care as Much"

Audio only. Archie Bleyer is introduced at the 5:30 minute mark, then Bleyer presents a Gold Record to The EBs for "Bye Bye Love." Listen for Don's very young accented voice in the acceptance speech. Don and Phil then perform "I Wonder If I Care As Much." (June Carter did comedy on the Opry, and she does a bit on The EBs at the one-minute mark.)

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Wonderful audio clip Mary,Don and Phil were marvellous.I loved Wonder if I care As Much,they sounded so young,which of course they were.It was a bonus to have such excellent sound quality after all these years.Thank you Mary.
Really great audio that you have found Mary. Very clear. One of my all time favourite songs is "I wonder if I care as much" whatever version they sing.

Precious piece of history from the Grand Ole Opry.

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You're welcome, Marianne and Chris. I really like it too. I love old Opry recordings, especially with a favorite like The EBs.
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Thanks for the post and the audio, never heard this before, I wonder what else is out there?
It does make one wonder, doesn't it, Paul? What other undiscovered EBs gems have we not found?
I bet Phil has left a wealth of songs and music,in Patti's safe keeping.He was always entertaining other musician friends at his home,experimenting with songs,making music etc.Who knows,we may be lucky to get to hear them at some later date,when emotions are not still raw.
A cd has just been released Marianne with Phil singing backup on 2 songs which he co-wrote with Ken Harrell. It can be purchased now on iTunes and even direct from Ken.

We are also waiting for Duane Eddy to release his album which has songs on it that Phil wrote and one is about Patti and if I am not mistaken about her finding someone else when he is gone. Not sure what is happening with this album it seems to have hit the buffers for the moment. But the other from Ken I hope to purchase it from him.
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The Grand Ole Opry Museum, Nashville, TN

From Country Music Hall of Fame site:

"The Everly Brothers -- Don and Phil -- perfected the country music brother duet harmonies, added R&B rhythms, and became pioneers of early rock & roll. Ike Everly, the boys’ father, was a skilled guitarist who made his living on radio. Ike began integrating his young sons into his program and gained a regular spot on the air for the Everly Family Show. Eventually, the family act was abandoned, and the family moved to Nashville to see if the brothers could make it as a duo. After a few false starts, the Everlys finally connected with the right people and recorded their first single and hit “Bye, Bye Love.” The Everlys established themselves as rock & roll icons by adapting the popular “Nashville Sound” into something new and different. The Everly Brothers hit songs remain timeless examples of early rock & roll."
It was good to see a few photos of The Everly Brothers, pioneers of rock and roll. A young Johnny Cash I haven't seen many of him when he was younger.

The Glaser brothers looked smart and the 3 of them dressed like triplets too!!

Some very good photos. History in photos.
Mary the photo of the EB's at the Grand Ole Oprey,#1 I have just realised those shoes all those years ago resurfaced many years later, Phil is wearing them in a photo we have. I really have to find it now. Good to see that they kept many items of clothing or shoes and recycled them as years went by.

Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, 1957.

The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, first home of The Grand Old Opry. Young Don and Phil hung out in the Ryman's alleys in the mid-1950s, waiting for their break into music.
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"I remember the ambition was to, well, one day, we'll get on the Grand Old Opry, you know, from 9 years old, 10 years old, when I first saw Lefty Frizzell. I said, that must be the top of the line. I mean, once you get to the Grand Old Opry, that's it! There's no place else in the world to go!"

-- Don, 1986
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