Grand Ole Opry, July 13, 1957, EBs appearance, "Bye Bye Love" gold record, perform "I Wonder If I Care as Much"


On the famous stage of the Ol Opry, Phil and Don recall their appearances there.

Performing at the Opry was an early dream of the Everly Brothers, which was realized when they sang "BYE BYE LOVE" to about four curtain calls.
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The screen captures from Don and Phil's Grand Old Opry visit are from 1984's "Songs of Innocence & Experience." The documentary is now unblocked to U.S. fans, in Videos and in Forum, Documentaries on the EBs. The "Songs" excerpt linked below has the Opry visit, beginning with "Bye Bye Love" at the 10:40 mark.

Phil is describing their astonishment at the "sea of people" in the Ryman audience at that first Opry appearance, prompting Don's great line: "Our world was a little smaller then."
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"...the release of 'Bye Bye Love' sent the Everly Brothers spiralling towards stardom..."

They first appeared at the Grand Ole Opry on May 11, 1957 to an audience of 4,000 and had several encores.
A month later the Everlys became members of the Opry and were to appear at the theater everly four weeks, which they did until 1959. (Their tours had increased so much that they were not able to fulfill that commitment.)

Among the memories Phil and Don may have had during the moments, while revisiting the Grand O;e Opry, were images of their always wearing suits and ties (because it was all they had) or the fact that drums were used during their performances for the first time at the Opry.

(Thank you Mary for pointing out the newly released video, "Songs of Innocence and Experience")
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This is a later appearance by the EBs at the Opry, June 1958. This audio clip has resided in Videos since I posted it Sept. 23, 2014. I needs to be on this Opry thread in Forum, even though I can't edit the Forum thread title to reflect multiple Opry appearances.

Don and Phil, the Opry's "special guests" on this day, come in at the 6-minute mark to perform a really sweet rendition of "All I Have to Do is Dream." Later at 19:10 they sing "Wake Up Little Susie." Chet Atkins is also a guest on this show and comes on at 12:35.
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June 8, 1957.

August 1957 news article, signing to the Grand Ole Opry.

Grand Ole Opry Director W.D. Kilpatrick, at a Cadence Records DJ dinner with Don and Phil and Boudleaux Bryant, far left.

Kilpatrick presenting a gold record to Don and Phil.
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Taking a bow, 1957.
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