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"Let's go! Let's go! The red bud trees are blooming! Look!" (information says they have heart-shaped leaves)

Remember a signature song sung by the EVERLY BROTHERS is "KENTUCKY" ..."your redbud trees"

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This is a photo from the museum at Central City in Kentucky, in the section showing albums by the Everly Brothers.

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Don's 1977 red MG which after doing it up is now on show in the new museum at Central City

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This interview is taking part in 1986 a Tennessee Homecoming interview. Of course there is the fabulous video of Phil and Don getting the car into road worthy condition whilst the song, "Wings of a Nightingale" is played. Paul McCartney was asked to write a song for the Everly Brothers and it appeared on the album EB84.
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By WILLIAM C. TROTT, United Press International | July 7, 1986

The Everly Brothers were in Shenandoah, Iowa, Saturday for a welcome-home parade and concert, which was a success despite rain, heavy winds and a tornado watch. Phil and Don had to stop the parade when they spotted one of their former teachers, Mamie Ruth, 98, so they could give her a hug.

Five-thousand people crowded into the concert but the stagehands almost revolted when high winds threatened to blow away the roof over the stage. The brothers still managed to finish the show with 'Let It Be Me.' 'I don't leave the stage until I sing 'Let It Be Me,'' Phil said. The Everly Brothers got their start singing on radio stations in Shenandoah with their parents in the 1940s.

We know it rained heavy at the Shenandoah Homecoming concert, it is well documented and Phil and Don did get quite wet - photos of them with wet hair and clothes - but this is the first time I have read about a tornado.

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A new photo from Sharon which needs to be placed into the correct Homecoming concert of 1991.

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More Homecoming concert photos from the new museum in Central City, Sharon took the photos when she went last week. Eventually I will edit them into the correct place/year in this thread. It is exciting to have these new photos from the museum.

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Wonderful and memorable photos! Great to see new ones and especially from the place of the Everly Brothers' family roots! Thanks Sharon fro sharing and Chris for posting! It makes this thread so much more complete and valuable!
This year the Central City Museum moved next door to larger premises, there were many things in storage and not on show including Don's MG car. Even though many of the things in this next segment can be seen in photos earlier in the thread they were in the 1st museum and they can now be seen in new surroundings and different show cases.

There are also photos of the many new things in the new museum. Sharon went on a road trip to Central City in June and went to the new museum 3 times and got many new photos. Therefore this new segment contains old and new items in a different setting in the new museum.

Continuing with more photos from the new museum.

THESE PHOTOS ARE FABULOUS!! Next best thing to being there! Thank you Sharon for sharing and thank you Chris for posting! Such a great and memorable thread!
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Sharon has said that she will leave a lasting comment about her trip to the museum several weeks ago when she brought back some brilliant photos.
On Saturday the 12th of August 2017 Albert Lee performed a small concert in Shenandoah and an Everly Member - Sharon was there to watch him. She has taken many photos and said that she would like them posting for her.

This is from Sharon: "Albert Lee played in Shenandoah last night, a fund raiser for the Everly house. He played several EB songs, Let It Be Me, Price of Love, Dream etc...he sounded great, stayed and signed CDs after the show, it was a fun time".

The photos above are some which Albert signed for Sharon.

The Depot is also selling these posters to help raise money for the Everly house. It is on the door of the little house in Shenandoah.

Sharon Knezevich
This poster is available at The Depot,or thru the Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce for $20..its large 24"x36".

Back of a bed at the little house in Shenandoah.

This billboard advertising another event in Shenandoah (Shenfest) on the 23rd September 2017

Sharon, your road trip was so exciting and filled with beautiful memories! Once again, thank you for sharing your photographic treasures here in this thread! I hope you will find time to write your impressions and post them here as well. Verbal memories are beautiful, too!

Sharon traveled to parts of Kentucky. Here is an interesting map showing the places where there are museums of interest. Note the places that might have song or family connections to the Everly Brothers.
(Also, Nashville, Tennessee is about 1.5 hours drive south from Central City - not seen on this map.)

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