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This is an amusing video which features an interview with Carmel Rich when the Everly Brothers and Country Music Museum was being set up. The rather self-promoting interviewer, Mickey, owns a vintage coin jukebox company, located in my city (I never knew!)- Rochester, New York.

Carmel has some Everly Brother history facts confused, but Mickey just races along to hype the jukebox. It is probably more advertising for him, than the museum, especially when the jukebox selection was an Elvis tune!!

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BILL HARLAN in a jamming session with fellow musicians and some members of the Rich family at Music Museum.
(Carmel Rich is associated with the establishing of the Muhlenberg County Music Museum and was former director)

"Royce Morgan** (playing the red guitar), Doug Jernigan (playing steel), and Bill Harlen (playing bass) ... just an excerpt."


EARLY BUDDIES: Billy Harlan, Royce Morgan**, and Dave Rich

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The newly expanded Central City multiple facility for: Tourism, Everly Brothers' memorabilia and Muhlenberg County Music Museum pictured above.

(See Sharon's wonderful photos of the interior on page 12 #174 and #175)

Here are some comments from recent visitors:

“Totally unexpected ”
When in Central City one must visit the Everly Brothers monument and museum . The gentleman that manages the museum was so knowledgeable and friendly. So much memorabilia of the Brothers here.
Visited August 2017

An Everly must
Visited twice in 2 days, had wonderful time talking with the lady working those days.Lots of great items to see, and touch, Dons' MG is beautifully restored, Tribute to Phil is well done and emotional.

In the middle of nowhere. It a huge clean museum and we learned a lot about them and others. Lots of neat stuff a small movie and a great gift shop. Just a wonderful time . I found out how important and interesting they were. Go and enjoy. Make a selection on the juke box and talk with the staff. He knows lots of neat tidbits. They have a donation jar.

Home Town Heroes
Very nice memorial. Nice exhibits. Very nice personal items and copies of albums they earned. Being from this area is a great thing to have a memorial celebrating their career.
This monument is a wonderful tribute to two little boys who grew up to become famous world wide. They helped put Muhlenberg County and its and musical heritage on the map of the world. They shared a rare gift of their blended harmony and a rare generosity of spirit that will forever be remembered in our county and all over the world. We were lucky to be able to call them 'ours'.

No Everly fan should miss going to Central City
This is a lovely little town with wonderful people. The countryside is stunning and the museum will knock your socks off if you are an Everly Brothers fan.

Muhlenberg County Music Museum
I really wanted to review the museum but this entry for the monument, behind which the museum has recently opened, is the closest I could find. The museum is small but contains some very interest displays on the Everlys, Merle Travis, and other local celebrities. If you make it to the monument you really need to go inside and punch up a few free selections on the jukebox filled with 45s.


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Central City Tourism Commission-photo collage

Welcome to Central City!

Located in Western Kentucky – midway between Louisville and Nashville – Central City offers easy access to visitors traveling by way of I-65, I-69, I-24 and a number of toll free parkway connections. Once you arrive, you’ll find a friendly community anxious to show you what makes our city a very special place.

PROMO- Welcome to Central City! A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT

"The city The Everly Brothers call home, the county (Muhlenberg) made famous by John Prine’s 'Paradise', the site of the annual International Thumbpickers Contest, the area that claims the boyhood home of Merle Travis, and the community that produced world renowned flutist, Jim Walker, are celebrated in the Muhlenberg County Music Museum located in Central City Tourism Commission office.

An annual Labor Day “Cruise In” weekend, an outdoor “Gospel Fest”, June’s “Rods & Ribs” festival, and a Christmas Parade with a long tradition are more reasons to make it a point to come and visit with us. Add to that the hunting, fishing, and golfing opportunities that abound and you won’t run out of things to do. With over 200 hotel rooms and over 20 restaurants in our city, we are more then prepared to show you the hospitality that makes the south famous."


Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 30 – 6:00 pm – Gospelfest featuring Jason Crabb, Crabb Family Members & Friends

Thursday, August 31 – 7:30 pm – Roy Kyle and the Hot Rod Cruisers

Friday, September 1 – 6:00 pm – Rock & Roll Cruise-In (hot rods, muscle cars & trucks on display) 8:00 pm – Phil Dirt and the Dozers

Saturday, September 2 – 8 am – 3:00 pm – Car Show;
8:00 am – 8:50 am – Poker Run Registration;
9:00 am – Kick Stands Up for 70-80 Mile Ride;
2:00 pm – Bike Show (Registration from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm);
3:00 pm – Presentation of Car Show Trophies;
6:00 pm – Pre-Show;
8:00 pm – concert featuring NOW and FOREVERLY
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New Promotional Video for Muhlenberg County, February 2017:
(see #184 for details on Tourism Promos and the annual Labor Day events)


A new photo from the Shenandoah Homecoming concert which is on Page one of this thread.

With reference to #181 and #182, Dave Rich a long time country singer and songwriter performed often with Billy Harlan (friend of the Everly Brothers since childhood).

Dave Rich is also the father of (Enoch) David Rich, the minister who officiated the Muhlenberg County Memorial Service for Phil Everly on January 18, 2014.

The video here contains the song, "Take Me Back To Muhlenberg County" written by Dave Rich 2008.

"This song is dedicated to the people of my home county in Kentucky. Here are some of the famous people that are from Kentucky, around and in Muhlenberg: Merle Travis Mose Rager Ike Everly The Everly Bros Spider Rich Raymond Rich Royce Morgan Bill Harlan Enoch David Rich."

RECORDING with OLD PHOTOS of the AREA & The Everly Brothers' Voices intertwined with "Kentucky":

Royce Morgan, Dave Rich, Billy Harlan
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Posted in #182 and #187 is information about Dave Rich and his connection to Ike Everly, The Everly Brothers, and also, Bill Harlan, childhood friend of Don and Phil. A song, "The Muhlenberg Sound" was composed to commemorate reknown guitar musicians from that part of Kentucky, Muhlenberg County.

In the following video is a song written by Bobby Anderson, and featuring Big Royce Morgan imitating the "guitar pickers" honored in the song and Dave Rich singing the narration!

VIDEO recording of "The Muhlenberg Sound":
(There are at least 2 places where Ike Everly is mentioned and his style of playing demonstrated - around 0:57 and 1:36.)

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Another video to add to the Muhlenberg County scene, see Gloria's posting #187 and #188.

There is a special section in the Central City museum specifically for all other Muhlenberg/Kentucky artists, lots of memorabilia and photos, such as Dave Rich mentioned in #188 and here in this video and 'Spider'. I am sure members would love to look back through this thread at the photos. We are lucky to have so many.

Phil and Don started this way back in Shenandoah, I love how much we all get to know about them through these concerts and photos.

An extra live video clip of John Prine singing "Paradise"

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I found this photo on Sharon's youtube.

It is so wonderful that they are still having these interesting events in THE EVERLY BROTHERS'name!

Something to appeal to everyone: cars, music, memorabilia, and (I am sure) great food!
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