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These links to press articles on The Everly Brothers are compiled and organized here for ease of use in Forum. The former thread, Old Press Articles, had become lengthy and cumbersome. It is great we have so much EBs content on the site, but we do try to keep it as easy to use and locate as possible, within the parameters of the site design. Many people contributed these links to the site when the thread was begun in January 2014, and they are to be thanked for their postings.

This thread is for links to articles from the 1960-70s. Please feel free to add.
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FOR: all the time
all the energy
all the motivation
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that you put into this huge undertaking of organizing in the FORUM's Old Press Articles

It will be greatly appreciated by all those who research here, I am sure!

Thanks, Mary. We have needed this for a long time...
The "alanleatherwood" and "alancackett" links above are not working. Unhappy The Dublin Studio Photo Shoot link below those two works if you click on the title; the link does not seem to work for me.
The Don Everly Interview and Alan Cackett titles work for me, Lenore. Like the Dublin article, you must click on the bold title, not the http address. I posted the linked articles using Attachments.
Mary, finally found the two links that I wanted to check to be sure I was clicking on the title and not the link and that was why it was not working; I guess I did not click on the titles to begin with; they work now. However, I have found that when I click on those titles, I have to press the left arrow key at the very top to take me back to where I was in Forum after looking at the article; I used to be able to click on the tab at the very top that shows the thread and it would take me to where I was in Forum. If you do that now, you are knocked off the website, at least I am.
This is a 2013 blog but I am posting it here because it deals with "Roots" and The EBs in the 1960s. It was found way down in Forum by Lenore, and should be here in EBs Press. Thanks, Lenore.
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Tales from the Burbank, goodness that was a big read, he covered a great deal, a good perspective on the EB's. I agree with most of what he has to say about the songs. I think the EB's were lost for a while, going into the Marines and changing from Cadence to Warner Brothers and not having the Bryants writing for them, all of these things did not help their career. They chose some songs that were not moving with the times too, harking back too much some times even though they wanted to stay in touch with what the 'new bands' were doing. We all know no one can change history. We have so many great songs from them throughout their career and for that I am eternally grateful. The Everly's music will continue long after many bands music has fallen by the wayside. Their music will live on and the memories that Don & Phil have given us will live with us for the rest of our days and beyond.
Clippings from teen magazines, early '60s:


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Great photos Mary,some new to me,of our young handsome Don and Phil.Do we know who the Lucky young lady in the middle is(like the cat that got the cream)!!
Marianne, the dark-haired woman above, backstage with The EBs? Don't know, but she is lucky! Love the loose ties, guys! Wink

Article on Don's solo career.
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I have read a large part of this article previously and Alan Cackett does not have all his facts correct but then he wants to sensationalise things so he can sell an article. He says about Don being in London and the UK getting to know him better, the thing is that Phil was living over in the UK for large chunks at a time and appearing with Sir Cliff Richard and doing other projects and recording albums. I think both brothers would be as popular with a UK audience we had known them from the beginning and they toured in the UK constantly.

There is one paragraph I have read before and didn't post it because I can hardly believe Don would say it, but he is quoted as saying it and personally if it is true that Don did say it, he comes across as big headed and no one ever thought of him as a solo singer within the Everly Brothers. He was the melody and Phil was the harmony. Maybe this was one problem the Everly Brothers did not need and statements like this can only cause disruption within the duo.

This is what Don is quoted as saying:

Well, it’s a bit strange, but I’ve already worked in the States as a solo artist. Also, of course, I’m in a new sort of thing, more country, if you could call it that, and you know I’m enjoying it”, Don stated last Easter, and went on: “I’ve always been a solo singer. Solo first and foremost. I was the lead singer and that makes a difference. Yeah, I guess I’ve always thought of myself as a solo.”
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I know this Rolling Stone article is probably posted several other places in Forum. I think this same article could be posted in all of the Everly Brothers' threads that Mary reorganized from the Old Press articles. It covers most of the Everly Brothers' careers from beginning to end. A lot of what I read here was probably quoted from the book "Walk Right Back." (Which reminds me I need to start reading that book again; it seems every time I pick it up to read, something gets in the way of my finishing it. I want to read it completely over a short period of time so I don't have to go back and re-read pages; blame it on a short-attention span; it happens, particularly when you're 73. lol I particularly enjoyed the read about the Everly Brothers when they were touring with Bill Monroe. In fact, I was looking for that story that I recall reading when I researched the Every Brothers during the summer of 2014 but I could not remember where I read it. I believe this might have been the article.

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