EBs press, 1960-70s

An article with some new facts from "1960's Music Magazine"

From a blog on "KRLA Beat," LA's first rock n roll newspaper:

"The Price of Love

"It seemed unbelievable in an era where rock and roll was marching forward towards a horizon where psychedelic music was emerging. But the Everly Brothers, who had been radio and recording artists since the 1940s, were experiencing a resurgence in the Far East and England.

Page 12-13 includes a spread on how the Everlys were selling out throughout The Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. It was a remarkable come-back for a group whose records had considerably influenced The Beatles' own harmonic approach to their own music."

May 7, 1966 edition, page 12-13:


Manila, The Philippines, May 1966.

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Published before the breakup concert. LA Times, July 14, 1973.

July 14, 1973, Knotts Berry Farm, CA.
A very poignant end to the first period of their lives--before the split. Arnold (Schwarzenegger) should have been there to say "they'll be back." Smile

Lead guitarist Don Peake, with mustache next to Don, at Calliope Records in 1961.

An article from 1961, from EBs' lead guitarist Don Peake's web site.
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Newspaper/TV guide clipping, September 1965.
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