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These links to press articles on The Everly Brothers are compiled and organized here for ease of use in Forum. The former thread, Old Press Articles, had become lengthy and cumbersome. It is great we have so much EBs content on the site, but we do try to keep it as easy to use and locate as possible, within the parameters of the site design. Many people contributed these links to the site when the thread was begun in January 2014, and they are to be thanked for their postings.

This thread is for links to articles from the 1990s. Please feel free to add.
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A Don interview from 1994.
From the Journal of Country Music (published by the Country Music Hall of Fame), 1993, by Colin Escott. Quotes from Don, with revelations on page 2 about Don and Elaine Tubb in Nashville, and Page 6 about Ike and Cadence.

Elaine Tubb


"TUBB, ELAINE – After The Everly Brothers first release in 1956 on Columbia flopped hopelessly, they kept at it, auditioning and performing wherever they could – thus building up a following of young fans. One of them was Elaine Tubb, nicknamed Scooter Bill by her friends, 18-year-old daughter of Ernest Tubb and sister to Justin Tubb. She saw them on the Joe Allison morning country TV show and “just after that I ran into them at the back of the Grand Ole Opry and told them how impressed I was with them. I introduced them to my dad and got them on his midnight show and generally introduced them around to the right people.” One of the people she introduced them to was, Floyd Lightin’ Chance, who immediately believed in them.

"Elaine became their manager and arranged the songwriting contract with Hill and Range - even negotiating a $200 advance. “I knew Mr. Law at Columbia Records and I asked him if the second release would be coming yet. When he said yes, Don, Phil and I got together and with the $200 drew up an advert and got two thousand printed and then mailed them to all the disc jockeys and other people in this industry but the record never did get issued.” By her own admission, she feels that all she really accomplished was boosting their confidence. However, she was the one who had a talk early on with Wesley Rose and told him, “I met two boys that I think you could help build.” As they were under contract by Hill and Range, he said he wasn’t interested but that would soon change! In October 1956, Don and Phil signed Eddie Crandall as their manager."
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