October 1962 UK Tour, Phil Alone during Don's Illness

The Everly Brothers went to London for a series of concerts in October 1962. Phil ended up carrying the short tour himself, with EBs bassist Joey Paige singing Don's parts, after Don flew back home in the midst of his drug issues.


"Don broke down during one of the rehearsals and was taken to Charing Cross hospital. He discharged himself after six hours but the following day was hospitalized again at Middlesex Hospital. It turned out he had overdosed in a second attempt to kill himself.

“I was so high it didn’t matter whether I went on living or not,” Don later explained. He was flown back to the States and Phil finished the tour by himself. It took a long time for Don to convalesce: “It is a habit that catches and there was no treatment for it. It was administered by a doctor of medicine supposedly curing me but it was giving me the psychosis. It took two or three years to get it out of my system. I spent quite a bit of time in two or three hospitals but they didn’t do anything. They treated me for being crazy rather than for drug addiction and just locked me up. . . . When I got out I just went back to the doctor again. I did get off it finally. I realised it was killing me.”

“In those days people didn’t realise that amphetamines were drugs and that they were addictive. Unbeknownst to me I got involved. . . . At the beginning you don’t realise what’s happening but finally you catch on that you’re awake for three days on B12."

"During the early 1960s Max Jacobson counted among his clientele The Everly Brothers. Phil ended up with this man because, as he tells it: “It was Archie Bleyer that started it. I got locked in because I was staying at his house in New York [Phil was engaged to Jackie Ertel, Archie’s stepdaughter] and I was hysterical one night and I wound up there. The doctor was very famous at the time, treating all of these famous people you wouldn’t believe. (...) You were supposed to note psychologically how it kept you and strive to be like that when you weren’t involved with it. With me, the idea was just to use it as a guide to make myself more stable, better able to handle my own pressures. I don’t know if it worked for me but I could see from what it was doing to Donald that it was dangerous to mess with.” The Everlys’ then manager, Jack Real, later said, “I think that whoever sent Don and Phil to this guy did not do them any favours. Don reacted terribly to it."

Jacobson's medical license was revoked in 1975.

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Don talks about his drug struggles in the early '60s, beginning at the 6:40 minute mark, for about three minutes.
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Phil and Don arriving at London airport for the concert tour which Phil did on his own with Joey Paige backing him on stage.

Phil on Stage with Joey Paige

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I don't remember it that well, I was just 16, but my father got two tickets for the Cardiff concert and he said he would come with me. You read a short bit in the papers about Don's condition. I recall it being labelled Stop The World I Want To Get Off which was actually a musical around that time ( I have now got the vinyl somewhere ). Again I don't remember the concert all that well and what the set was but it was a bit surreal. It may in fact be one I would rather forget as the two were not together on stage. Whilst I never condone the use of any drugs, even those described as prescription drugs unless you have a condition or serious illness, you have to acknowledge that these boys had been pushed very hard ever since arriving on the scene in 1957. Great demands on them to tour everywhere and head into the studio to record something to put out fast as a single. Their managers had a lot to answer for. Those boys on the last Buddy Holly tour explained how stressful it all was. The whole thing must have been a blur. Think how much more could have been achieved with sales if a bit of time had been taken. But enough of my pet subject on their releases
Like I said, there was very little information about anything in the music papers at that time and shortly after the Mersey Sound hit the streets and we were consumed by it. I saw them again in 1964 with The Stones in Cardiff, a great show, you sort of knew then that the hits would not arrive again no matter how good the material, and then in 1965 with Sonny Curtis on lead guitar. Although they seemed to be yesterday's news they still had a strong following here and for some reason that concert stands out for me, possibly because some of the set was brand new and I saw all of them after 1985, which with the passage of time it is difficult to pinpoint one or two as outstanding as they all were
Good memories. They have an Everlys Tribute night in a bar a few miles away but For some reason I have no interest in going to it although it is well attended. The one thing which is comforting even now is that when you mention their names to those of an age they all say how great they were. My grand daughter does eject a CD from the player in the car to listen to her stuff though
Always enjoy your memories and thoughts Colin, and you are so fortunate to have been to Everly concerts. Thankyou for sharing.
Thanks Marion. I wish I had kept a lot of the earlier memorabilia though. It was all in my parents' loft at one time and I forgot about it. You can probably get it from the museum in Central City but I doubt now whether I will ever go there. If I did I would need a lot of cash!!

Have you looked at the Central City Museum video Colin? Also all the information in Homecoming gives us all a chance to see what has been saved for generations to look at. I will bring up the Museum video, cross my fingers it is easy to see.
I have seen it a few times thanks Chris but it seems it is for viewing and there is no shop attached to it as far as I can see although they do show a number of vinyls in rows
Not much on memorabilia on other sites I have been on, including e bay, most of it is from the reunion period and I have most of that including the programmes, cups and a T shirt from the final concert in Cardiff in 2005
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